Monday, 1 December 2014

Short Story: Once Upon A Time There Was A Prince On Facebook

It was raining that day. Since morning. In fact there was a loud thunderstorm during the whole night and then it started pouring. He was here in Delhi from Pune, for the first time, as he told me. He had come to meet me. We had decided to have a blind date. I was wondering how it would happen. If it keeps raining till evening, it will never be possible to meet him. And that is what happened exactly. I opened my laptop. I knew he would be online, as usual. We were chatting over internet for last 6 months. It was my 19th birthday. We had a party at home and afterwards, though it was quite late, I got engrossed into my Facebook account. It was my daily routine to spare some time for my single passion – Facebook. Chatting was not my regular task. Definitely not with strangers. With sissy, bro and cousins, definitely yes, but not that regular. I was here in a hostel, to complete my MBBS, from one of the premium national medical college in Delhi.


When I received his request that day from Dr. Snigdh, just for curiosity sake, visited his profile page, before accepting the request. It was the message along with request that forced me towards his profile page. The message said “You are about to be a doctor, I am an established surgeon in Pune. Would you like to be my friend?”. His profile said he was a surgeon in Pune Hospital. He was 25. And as per his pics on his profile – quite smart, handsome and clean-shaven. He appeared more like a film star in his profile pics. As I had thought, he was online, and the moment I logged in into my account, there was a message pop - up – “We would be meeting tomorrow, I have cancelled my flight for tomorrow early morning to Friday”. I agreed. Somehow, I was trying to perceive some indications the bad weather was trying to give.


Next day evening, we met at the planned restaurant. I was waiting, taking a corner table, waiting for that smart clean-shaven face to appear. But what happened exactly was totally beyond my imagination. A middle aged man appeared approaching in my direction, a full grown stubble on his face, with some white hair, here and there in his beard. “Hello, I am Sushant.”. Who Sushant? He said – “Actually I am maintaining that account with a disguised face and name”. And I have fallen in love with you, he said. The blind date was a big flop, I just rushed back home thinking, even if the man was not a surgeon but had he not carrying a stubble probably I would have obliged him by having a coffee with him. But coffee with a man with a stubble? – Not at all!


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