Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Of Qualities, To Like Or To Dislike...

This world is supposedly an ideal one. Everyone considers him/herself to be ideal.

It is a mean feat to achieve, to accept one's shortcoming, while it is as easy as pie to point it out to the other person!

I believe that it's easier to go around the city, among all drum-beats and fanfare, acting like a self-centered person, praising one's positives, while it's harder. almost impossible to take the negatives, when highlighted by another person, with a pinch of salt.

One must inculcate a sense of patience and acceptance, for the world is not as ideal or perfect as we believe it to be.

The imperfections within, make us special and unique.
These are the imperfections which make us stand apart from the crowd.

After all, acceptance towards a vice motivates us to improve upon that negative aspect in our personality.

Each of us have a set of our own positives and negatives. Towards the end of all the discussion, we must also admit that these positives and negatives balance out each other and we thus end up, existing in harmony.


If you would ask me to point out the least favorite personal quality, which I've observed in others, it would have to be the annoying habit of gossiping and scheming.

I never indulge in such mean acts and encourage my peers also, to do the same.

The mentality of the gossiper's soul is difficult to decipher. It could be simply for fun's sake or for the idleness of killing time,  or for worse, when it serves a mean purpose to climb the higher rungs of the professional ladder, by hook or by crook.

The reasons could be myriad too.

Jealousy of other's achievements top the list.

In reality, it could owe to lack of talent, unfulfilled dreams or ambitions and unsuccessful tapping of one's own potential, I believe.

How the schemer's mind works and succeeds in tarnishing someone's image, is a mystery I've never been able to solve.

Such success, is however, short-lived...

Hence, it would be the quality I dislike like the most, in the people around me.

Labeling positive qualities as virtues and negative ones as vices, this one would be the vice, I look down to...

I read somewhere and agree wholeheartedly with the following ideology...

"Gossip divides, it slanders, it produces strife, it separates friends"

The loss of true friends occurs due to the creation of a deliberate misunderstanding, of course.

And, then it is also said...

"Those who gossip with you, also gossip against you."

In the truest sense, I am vexed by such a negative environment and a negative aura developing, around me...

Not saying that such gossiping and scheming MUST be solely against me.
It could be against anybody around me.

I strongly oppose any such mean tactics to achieve success.


If I were to also point out the quality I dislike the most, in my own self...

I vouch for peace and harmony in the little world around me. I always look at the glass as 'Half Full'...

The high sense of Optimism here, does not seem to work well for me, as sometimes, it goes a little too overboard and I end up being cornered by this world.

Writing about this fact in the sense, that in reality, that glass is 'Half Empty' too, and even in the worst situation in life, it becomes hard for me to see the silver lining amid the grey clouds.

The 'hook-or-crook' ideology has never been, nor will be my cup of tea, and thus I end up being cornered by the ones who vouch for, and exist solely following this ideology!

However, it is up to the Lord Almighty, whether this is my vice or virtue.

I'd love to hear from you, in this regard too, Dear Reader. :)


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