Sunday, 28 December 2014

Short Story: Of An Interview And A Clean Shaven Look...

At times, in life, under certain circumstances, it becomes quite difficult to choose between two options even if those are as plain as “Yes” and “No”. But under the same circumstance, if you try to read out the latent messages from nature, be it Mother Nature or the nature of the person or object in question, you probably get a clear cut path to opt for. 

I have experienced the same many a times, whenever I have been in doubt of taking a clear cut decision but at such times, with my common sense and that intuitive message, I am able to take a call instantly and it has always proved to be a good decision.

It was last year during the same period when I was looking for a change in job and there was an offer to attend an interview in another city. I had to reach Chandigarh the day after tomorrow and report to their office at 10 AM. This was a multinational company and was quite reputed on global fronts. 

I decided to give it a chance and in my heart prayed to God to help me in getting this job. I immediately checked online for a train ticket but in vain. 

The only option left was to travel by road. If I would opt to go by air. for such a short distance, it would turn out to be equal or more time consuming. By road – I had a choice to either to go by a Volvo or to hire a cab.

On checking online for the Volvo service for the desired day, I found that, it was also completely booked, though the travel company was accepting the booking on the condition that the booking would be wait-listed and shall be confirmed only at the time of departure of the bus. It was too dicey.

So, finally I decided to hire a cab. I searched for a suitable cab service online and booked my cab for 3 AM for the day after tomorrow. By starting at that time, it will be comfortable to reach well in time for the interview. The cab had to report at 2:45 AM for pick up. At 1 AM, I received a message that the cab was confirmed and I could see the cab driver's profile online by logging on their portal. I logged in and found the driver to be quite impressive, going by his looks - clean shaven,
young and alert.

At 2 AM, when I received a call from the driver, I confirmed if he was the same person as was appearing their on portal, as my driver. Also, whether he was maintaining the same clean shaven look or was now maintaining a stubble. He said that being an orphan, he was raised by a family serving in the Indian Army. Hence, the one virtue that had gone deep down into his heart and mind was that of discipline and hence there was no question of compromise with his personality.

The cab was right there at my doorstep, in time and the confident, clean shaven driver with a well-groomed look, as opposed to an ill-faced and ill-mannered one, elevated my positive attitude for the interview.

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