Wednesday, 16 October 2013

What A Coincidence...

Minutes After My Family Wished Me Happy Birthday With Lots Of Love And Blessings, 
Three Coincidences Struck A Chord...

 Numero Uno...

Google Had Its Way Of Surprising Me And Took Me Aback!
Thanks A Ton!

Numero Dos...

What Can Be A Better Gift For A Blogger Than That Her Birthday Is Being Commemorated As Blog Action Day - For Human Rights (Watch Out For This Soon!) - A Topic Close To My Heart & Soul!

Numero Tres...

My Blog Post Century!
100 On The Score Board!!
  :D <3 Yay! :D <3

This Journey Into Blogosphere Has Been Really Enriching And Rewarding With So Many Friends ( Accolades Too :D) By My Side In Just A Span Of Six Months
April - October 2013...
  Thankful To All From The Bottom Of My Heart...


  1. Many Many Happy Returns of the Day and Congratulations of Blog Post Century..Way to Go.. :)

    1. Thanks Harsha, for your kind wishes...
      Keep Visiting! :)

  2. So wonderful! Poonam, 1st Century is special :) Belated Congrats!
    Wish you many more milestones.
    Keep rocking! :)

    1. Better than belated wishes for 2013, you're wishing me in advance for 2014, Anita!
      Wishing you many more milestones, too...
      Keep Visiting. :)


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