Thursday, 10 October 2013

Losing A Valuable Treasure...

Childhood - isn't this word losing its sanctity?

The innocence, purity, simplicity, truthfulness - all these synonyms of childhood are losing their sheen.

One side of the coin is that our culture is deteriorating to the extent that children can no more be innocent. They are viewing and listening to all the crap & are proudly imitating it too. They sing all the vulgar lyrics (whose meaning they are not even aware of) with elan & imitate all the raunchy gyrations of item numbers. Even their parents are not bothered what these children are aping! The expressions given by young kids snatch their innocence which used to make them look cute. The purity which used to emanate when kids were not exposed to this rubbish seems to be of the by-gone era.

Truthfulness seems to be a lost treasure too! Children are exposed to white lies & political melodrama in everyday life that they have adopted it too, to get all their demands fulfilled by hook or by crook!

The other side of the coin is much more devastating...

Whatever innocence is left (at least in the tiny tots) is being snatched away by lusty elders with sick mentalities. They compel these kids to believe that this world is full of filth & no hope is left for our children to revive their purity, innocence and gaiety.

God Save The Face Of Humanity!


  1. Yes, that is so true and I feel so bad for the kids these days, even the cartoons they watch can ruin their innocence.

    1. I couldn't agree more with you, Bharati.
      I had expressed my distress at this point in an older post, too.
      Thanks for the appreciation.
      Keep Visiting! :)

  2. Childhood is that phase of Life where we can turn a kid into a Responsible citizen or into a Sick minded Moron...Today's Kids learn lot from their surroundings and if the surrounding's are not clean there is no hope at all..

  3. Agreement Agreement!
    Thanks for visiting, Harsha.
    Keep Visiting. :)

  4. Kids can be moulded into anything it depends on us how we mould them :)

    1. Very True Karanvir!
      Thanks & Keep Visiting. :)


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