Wednesday, 2 October 2013

An Ode To Bapuji - In Search Of Peace...

Following Bapuji's Ideals

This is not the India - India of Bapu's dream
The India, with repute held in high esteem
With purity of conscience through its stream
Alas, a gap widening in the humble tapestry's seam!

With very modest means
In search of serene pastures, tranquil greens
With a resolute spirit, to drive the land cleans,
And a stubborn will to humbly swipe away, her crafty ambitions - The Queen's!

His was a short lived aspiration
Some sort of a reverse time dilation!
His friends were few, foes umpteen
The ones who did not wish him good, made his humility lose its sheen.

Why, in search of peace, is conscience led astray?
Why, does always, to Wrong, Right has to give way?
Will this dark stretch never be able to see the light of the day?
Will this India always have a dulled vision, surrounded by the gray?

With Corruption enjoying an incremented span, in an absolute time frame
With Honesty & Self - Respect, going up in flame!
Bringing shame to even God's Name
Such is the Contemporary Satan's perfect Game!

Only one prayer, a sincere request
In this very much unconquered quest!
A remembrance & a humble appeal
To  awaken one's conscious, to make the Motherland heal...

At Bapu's Samadhi


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