Monday, 21 October 2013

From Vulnerable To Invulnerable - Smart Suraksha

Woman - The Mother, The Sister, The Friend, The Companion - in all fields of life, plays an important role - in the life of Man.

Hence, it's really strange that Women are treated shabbily at times.
They become victims of rage.
Hence, Smartness coupled with Suraksha is required for indoor as well as outdoor safety, to create a better society.

Here are some safety tips, which you can follow :-

  1. Do not discuss openly with anybody that you live by yourself or are alone at home, as this can make you prone to attack by thieves.
  2. At night, if alone at home, draw all the blinds/curtains to avoid sneaking by passers - by or by people who are always on the lookout for easy opportunities.
  3. If any unknown person calls or visits you when you are alone, do not disclose that you are alone. Rather behave as if your spouse/parent/room - mate is in another room and can easily be approached, in case of need.
  4. Always have the list of phone numbers of PCR, neighbors, relatives & Women Helpline etc. stored at the hotkeys of your handset.
  5. Whenever you lose keys to your home, have your locks changed as soon as possible, so that nobody can misuse the keys if found.
  6. Keep your car keys handy at night. If you hear any noise or feel that someone is trying to get in, press the Panic Button of your car. The alarm will alert neighbors & also the intruder.
  7. Do not hide your home keys outside, at obvious places such as under the door mat or flower pot. Instead, its better to keep the duplicate key with a trusted neighbor.
  8. It's good to be sympathetic and nurturing but do it sparingly and attentively as well. This is how assailants trap their victims.
  9. While on the road, if you are encountered by an assailant possessing a gun, try to RUN, as he will only hit you ( a running target ) four in hundred times.
  10. Always BE AWARE of your surroundings and any potential danger/attacker's likely strategies to trouble you so that you can overcome them in time.


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  1. Great points you have mentioned here.. :)
    Not only females but everyone should be conscious about each and every step


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