Tuesday, 15 October 2013

A Blurred Horizon...

Today, I got an SMS --- "Save years -- Do direct graduation/PG this year, 10th, 12th, B.Ed, JBT, LLB, MBA, B.Tech, Diploma and other courses.
--- #!@% Group --- Contact No. ####......"

     Although not new, but still I was shocked to read this. How can we deal with our young generation in this manner? 
       Firstly, why do we have such students who don't take interest in studies and reach this stage where they fail again and again and look for shortcut methods to advance in life?
      Secondly, is this the path which can take our generation towards a productive and stable future?
       Thirdly, who are these people who are spoiling the generation just for their monetary gain? 
        Is there no authority to check on them?
         How are they operating so openly?

       Ideally Govt. Of India must take steps to check this and other such fraudulent businesses and rackets of fake degrees so that we can put our young generation on the right path.
But Again...
God Save Us...


  1. This is the sorry state of India..No one pay heed to such things and ultimately those fraudulent destroy someone's life

  2. Yes, this is quite depressing :(

    1. So, it is, Pankti... :(
      Helpless We...
      Keep Visiting :)


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