Monday, 28 October 2013

O Lord Almighty!

Pray, Do You Not Pray Everyday?
Rendezvous With Him, Is It Not Everyday's Routine Play?
Asking For Favors At His Stair...
Your Faith - Has It Not Been Led Astray?
Enticing Materialistic Possessions - Do Not Affect The Lord In Any Way!
Restrain Yourself From Such Selfishness, Do Not Let Heart's Piousness Cry Betray!

Pray! Why Do We Need Reasons To Pray?
Reflect Upon It. To Pray Is Life's Day!
Aye! It's The Wheel Of Desires And Life Straight Away...
Yearning For Fulfillment Drives The Oft Frequented Way...
Each Of Us Following In The Fray!
Reflect Upon It. There Is A Need To Shine A New Ray!

Pray! At Every Stage Of Life - Pray!
Requesting For Healthy Babies - Mothers Pray...
Advancing Towards Academic Excellence - Even More Pray!
Yearning For Earning - The Family Joins In Pray...
Establishing A Happy Family - Desire Necessitates Pray!
Rendering Inactive, The Body, Aging - Fears Demand Pray!

Pray! I Do Not Need Reasons To Pray!
Relieved, With God As A Best Friend By My Side, Leading The Way...
Always Being My Confider, The Silver Lining In The Gray...
Yielding, Supporting Me Moment By Moment, Day By Day!
Each Difficulty Disappearing In God's Gentle Play...
Rekindling My Faith & Hope, Such Is His Mighty Display...


This post is written as a part of 'Everyone Has A Reason To Pray' Contest on PurePrayer.

I wish to utilize the Lakshmi Pooja Pack by Cycle Pure to the maximum in making my Diwali Puja an effortless, simplistic and nice experience.

I plan to gift it to my newly - wed sister, who will be bearing the responsibility of conducting her first Diwali Puja at her new home.

Since it will be a new experience for her, doing all the arrangements by herself, the Lakshmi Pooja Pack comes as the perfect guide and savior for that Perfect First Attempt, guiding her through all the rituals and formalities of a Traditional Diwali Lakshmi Pujan.



  1. This is Lovely Write Up Poonam..loved going through it.. :)
    And Happy Diwali to you and your family in Advance and Good Luck for the contest... :D

    1. Thanks for the kind wishes, Harsha!
      Same to you and your family too... :D

  2. Nice creative way of expression, Poonam!
    PRAYER beautifully encapsulates so many reasons why we pray!
    Your writing skills shine through! All the best, dear! :)

    1. Thanks for the compliment and the wishes as well, Anita.
      Keep Visiting! :)


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