Sunday, 13 October 2013

Smart Suraksha - We Are Safe Now!

We group of five friends decided to take a day out of our mundane routines of managing our homes and families last week. Yeah, they are our duty but we do deserve few hours of relaxation. So we went to our nearby Woodland Park for a stroll in the evening.

         We got so  engrossed in our nitty-gritties that we didn't notice that it was getting dark and almost everybody in the park left for their homes.

          Suddenly I noticed that a group of drunk men was approaching us. They were in an inebriated  state. We all got panicky. They encircled us and tried to snatch our chains. We looked into each other's eyes and gathered courage to push them hard and run. But they were still following us.

         Oh how I wished I had Smart Suraksha with me! It is such a helpful Android app with its GPS enabled even if one does not switch it on, sending an alert to five trusted contacts as well as the police. It is just like an SOS in time of need, with all of these features which I read about just day before yesterday!

But nothing could be done as of then, except that we tried to run fast towards the gate. Fortunately, from a distance we saw a police van standing near the gate. We shouted loudly and that scared those men. They retreated and ran away. 

         We were safe for the day but the moment we reached our respective homes, we all downloaded the app then and there so that we need not feel helpless in future in case of any mishap.


I am participating in the Seeking Smart Suraksha Contest at in association with Smart Suraksha App.

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