Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Dance Differently - Dance India Dance It Out For A Cause

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Dance - An Expression Of The Soul
Artistic Flow Of  Individual Emotions
Novelty Breaking Bounds 
Creative Excellence At Its Best
Exquisite Emancipation At The Peak

Inquiry At The Seat Of Reform
Necessitating Dance As An Instrument For Change
Differently Representing A Cause
Inclusion For The Differently Abled Is The Key
Acknowledging Their Role As A Part Of Society Too

Deeming Them As 'Unfit' Is Most Unfair
Associating Them With The Art, The Expression Sure Fits
Neglect Is Not Their Want, Neither Their Need
Courtesy Is The Fine Line, Listen Closely, Pay Heed
Enumerating Their Requirements - To Be Balanced On The Scale

Inculcating In Them A Sense Of Self - Belief
Trusting Them To Surpass Their Talents

Offering A Platform To Showcase Their Gifts
Unifying Their Talents With The Rest
Transforming Their Cocoon Into Their Wings

Tailoring Our Abled - ness To Their Differently Abled - ness
Outshining Each's Individual Achievements

Making Our Beat Match Theirs - Not Their Beat Match Ours
Absorbing Their Rhythm
Knitting The Efforts Into A Beautiful Tapestry
Engineering Exclusion So As To Transform To Inclusion 

Anticipating A Change, I Rest My Cause

DID 4 - At An IndiMeet
Incorporating The Delhi Blogosphere Into One
Facilitating Writers With A Reason To Turn Dancers
Flaunting Their Moves, Bloggers Too In Full Mood
Embarking On A Mission To Make An Impression
Recapturing The Power Of Dance
Encapsulating The Efforts Into One
Narrowing The Initiative's Noble Aim
Capturing the Essence As Dancing For A Cause
Echoing The Prowess Of 'Blog - ancing' As A Whole!


This post is written as a part of the #DanceItOut Experience at The Zee TV DID IndiMeet, graced by Dance Masters Feroz and Muddassar Khan.


  1. Wow! Excellently done. I like the use of words here. :)

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Indrani.
      Keep Visiting! :)

  2. Thanks for posting this poem. i like the use of words here.


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