Tuesday, 22 October 2013

My Delhi Manifesto

Delhi - our very own "Dil Wallon Ki Dilli" - Why and How it has deteriorated so much that instead of being the pride of the nation (being the capital) it has got labels that no one of us is proud of!
So many problems have taken the shape of chronic wounds and Delhi is suffering as a diabetic patient - i.e. wounds are not healing fast or rather not at all. I fear if amputation stage is nearby!
  No one wants that certainly. But for that we have to first detect the cause and then the solution.
In My Delhi Manifesto, I would like to point out some of the problems we face daily.

So, here's the list of Delhi's Woes :-

  • Security of children, women and elderly - both indoor and outdoor is at stake.
  • Traffic rule violations committed by all types of vehicles is increasing day by day. Whether it is red light jumping, over speed, rash driving, wrong overtaking, not driving in their lane or no rules being followed by pedestrians, cyclists, rickshaw drivers, carriage autos, buses and trucks etc.
  • Water pollution in Yamuna - by the industries or by the people throwing just anything from domestic waste, ashes, religious leftovers, painted idols, and what not into the erstwhile holy waters!
  • Air pollution is also spreading at a fast pace. Neither the industries nor the automobile owners are ready to sacrifice their selfish motives for the sake of our environment.
  • Illegal migrants from all neighboring states and Bangladesh, in particular are creating major infrastructure problems.
  • Illegal encroachments of houses and shops are flourishing, hence destroying the once praised green cover of the city.
  • All sort of Mafias - be it tent mafia, land mafia, beggars' mafia or eunuchs at the red light  harass people. Even Police are either hand - in - glove with them or show their helplessness in keeping a check on them. 
  • The Root Cause Of All The Problems Is Corruption At All Levels!

This is My Delhi Manifesto in association with BlogAdda.com.


  1. Corruption is the main cause,Corrupt Officials at each and every levels make the citizen to take rules and regulations lightly and that make the situation more worse..
    But then again we can't blame everything on the Govt.,Every citizen must abide by their responsibilities to make the society as a whole a better place


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