Monday, 21 October 2013

Smart Suraksha - Implementation Is The Need

Women - on one hand, considered as Godesses in our culture - on the other hand, they are so vulnerable to crime that whether indoor or outdoor, they can't remain stress - free anywhere.

They have to be alert every time and everywhere.

So Ladies!
Get Up & Be Independent!
Don't depend on anybody for YOUR SAFETY!
You have to chalk out a protective path to live a peaceful life, yourself.


Here are some smart tips for your safety which you can follow :- 

  1. Try not to walk in dark areas. But, if you must and feel that somebody is following you, shout "Fire" - instead of "Help". More people respond to common warnings than getting involved in personal disputes.
  2. At night, if you opt for a cab or an auto, call a friend or a relative and tell them the Registration Number loudly so that the driver is alerted.
  3. While on road, avoid deserted shortcuts as it is always better to cover a longer but safer distance.
  4. Whenever you suspect of being followed, change your direction and go to the nearest Police Station or look for a PCR Van.
  5. Whenever a robber tries to approach, you should not panic & hand anything directly to him. Rather, throw your goods in one direction and run in the other direction.
  6. Try to carry a pepper spray/small knife or a personal alarm with you, always for self - defense.

  7. Whenever you are grabbed close enough, use your elbow to hit as it is the strongest point on your body.
  8. Always try to poke the eyes of the assailant hard  as eyes are the most sensitive part of the body & this way he will not be able to see you - aiding you in escaping.
  9. While driving a car, keep all doors locked. But, if by chance, someone jumps in the car, drive into a tree or a pole. Your airbag will protect you and you will be able to draw attention of the masses.
  10. Learn Martial Arts and use its techniques to overcome the assailant.

I am sharing my Smart Suraksha Tips at in association with Smart Suraksha App.

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