Thursday, 24 October 2013

Because I'm A Delhiite...

In My Delhi Manifesto, I presented some of the causes maligning Delhi.

Here, I would like to present some viable solutions to the same and hope for the best.

  • For improving the situation on the Security front, helpline numbers of hospital, police, fire station etc. should be readily accessible and the officers dealing should have an empathetic viewpoint so that one will not have to compromise with Security issues.
  • Regarding Traffic Rule Violations, more strict rules for everybody including pedestrians, rickshaw pullers, bikers etc. and not just for cars and heavy vehicles need to be implemented, as many a times the former do not follow rules but traffic personnel do not nab them, or guide them to follow proper lane rules. Hence, even if they are at fault, the latter are made to suffer.Mobile traffic police devoid of corrupt officials should be appointed so that no one can escape by bribing them.
  •  No one should be allowed to throw garbage and other stuff in the waters of the city - not even in the name of religion - so that crores spent in the name of Clean Yamuna don't go waste.
  • Commercial vehicles polluting the city air should be checked from time to time and their licence should not be renewed if found unfit. Only heavy vehicles should be permitted to ply on Diesel fuel. Expensive Diesel cars and SUVs  should be banned.
  • No illegal migration should be permitted in order to prevent messing up with basic civic amenities.
  • Illegal encroachments must not be tolerated at any cost. Politicians (local MLAs etc.) should not compromise on this just to expand their vote bank.
  • To keep a vigilant eye on the Mafias operating, proper sentencing and judicial procedures in the scenario of the accused being adjudged guilty must be followed diligently.
  • Moral education for all levels of bureaucracy and politics needs to be revived from the old - school curriculum to create a sans - corruption environment. Strict & sincere vigilance is the need of the hour.

This is My Delhi Manifesto in association with

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