Monday, 14 October 2013

Dusshera Lingers On. Year After Year!

So, everyone was busy celebrating Dussehra yesterday...
So was I.

By the way what do we celebrate? 
Burn effigies of  Ravana, Kumbhkarana & Meghnada - enjoy the 
fireworks - dance to the drums - gorge on an assortment of sweets - the day is over.

By the way why do we celebrate? 
Just because we search for reasons to celebrate -  as it goes on from generations - the customs we have seen from our childhood - to just be happy.
Do you opine that Vijaydashmi is much more than that? ---- was I not supposed to be enumerating an essay on Dussehra in school days? Or am I suffering from amnesia? 
Don't I know that it is being celebrated to admire the victory of good over evil!

Yes, yes --- I do remember it all, but I doubt whether it is at all true in today's scenario!

Aren't we making a fool of ourselves by believing that burning effigies of so called evils from a remote past suffices the purpose? How can we be happy just by that? How can we close our eyes to the much enormous and more devilish "Ravanas" roaming all around wearing masks of "Ram"! 

Are we doing anything to conquer them? How can a bigger disguised Ravana burn the effigy of Ravana with applaud?

I opine we should burn the present - day evil inside and outside -  then celebrate that victory. 

That will be the truthful joy which will not be just for the sake of enjoying the festival.



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