Monday, 26 October 2015

It's All About You, Says DP!


Launch of 'All About You', by Deepika Padukone and Myntra.


Tuesday, October 20.


The Claridges, New Delhi.

Tuesday afternoon was All About You. Kidding you, not!

It was the perfect setting for the launch of an apparel line, conceptualized and designed by a diva - an actress who has been impressing the Indian audience with her impeccable personality ever since 2007.

None other than Deepika Padukone had flown down to Delhi in order to launch her own fashion brand All About You in association with leading e-commerce giant, Myntra.

All About You from Deepika Padukone celebrates the beautiful actress's elegant yet unique style. It was a pleasure to witness the actress carrying off her stylish best self while bejewling her creations with adjectives of the likes of 'comfort, romamtic, feminine, and fun'.


Boasting of floral prints and pastel hues, the pleasant, charming and aesthetically crafted silhouttes were exhibited by some professional models over a ramp-walk session.

Doesn't she dazzle the ramp, once and for all? 

Deepika Padukone! 


Deepika candidly let members of the audience know how she had spent nine months designing and perfecting the collection in collaboration with French design agency, Carlin and Myntra's in-house team. 

She effortlessly shared her experience: 

"It was a pleasure working with the design team to create a collection that is simple, elegant & comfortable, with styles that match my sensibilities. All About You aims at enabling girls to showcase their personal style." 

Mr. Ananth Narayanan, CEO, Myntra was elated and remarked that All About You lived up to its promise of being a collection that connects with young women. The brand will widen our reach and the secret ingredient of its success would be the brand philosophy of simple designs that were easy to wear. 


Yours Truly had her minute of fame with the lady of the evening when I was handed the mic during the QnA with her. She was quick to choose her profession over her passion, i.e. acting over designing when I asked her about what gave her a higher 'high'. 

Also, my knowing that white was her favorite color of sorts made DP quip with a giggle. Afterwards she added to her answer by saying that pastels go well with the concept of All About You. 


Since Myntra has since long, gone app-only, All About You has been launched exclusively on the Myntra app. 
All About You has been rolled out at a well-within-reach price point of ₹1500 onward. 


Well, that's not all that the evening had to offer, though. Knowing that it had upset my daughter to compulsarily choose attending college over meeting (atleast seeing) Deepika in person, I made sure that I obtained a surprise for her from DP. 

What do I receive for her? 

With this, I close the piece for the day. :) 

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