Friday, 2 October 2015

Pampers Premium Care Is #SoftestForBabySkin

Being a parent AND being a blogger has its perks at times. It can be quite insightful at times.

Had it not been for being a Mommy Blogger, how would I have had the pleasure of attending the Launch of Pampers Premium Care Pants, held in collaboration with BlogAdda?

In case, you haven't read about that on my blog, head here. The parting gift from RewardMe's side also included a pack of Pampers Premium Care Pants for me to review, by presenting it to my cousin who has a chubby angel to keep her going.

She visited us last week for a family get-together and decided to stay the night over. As always, she had carried along all the baby essentials which she knew, would be required for and by her bundle of joy.

Her carry-around kit include diapers too, without a doubt, as she knew that there would arise a need, once in the night, to change the baby's diaper.

These Premium Care Pants had come to me at the most appropriate time and I urged her to switch from her current brand to Pampers for the day.

After having been the end consumer of the product for a day, my cousin turned out a happier mother. She was the one now, urging me to bring her more of those. I felt like she was in love with those pants. She very much is, I tell you.

As I had to pen it down (type it, on the blog) I asked my cousin for her point-by-point feedback. She gave me a five-factor checklist.

Comfortable fit, as the Pants came with a stretchable waistband.

Softness to touch, in the material, the Pants were made up of. My cousin highlighted the fact that the leg cuffs in the pants were ample to stretch too, as it was also elastic and ensured a snug fit for the baby.

She was all praises for the efficient Gel-Lock technology which had been illustrated on the pack, and that ensured breathability for the child's skin throughout the night.

What surprised her was the fact that the next morning, she did not need to (however she did) change the Pants post-bath even though they were dry as new. Since she was using the Pants for the first time, and as a cautious mother, in general, she decided to keep infection at bay. I was quick enough to remark about the 12-Hours-Dryness being promised by Pampers. :)

She was also glad to notice a thin yellow-colored strip on the bottom of the Pants which had been labelled as a Wetness Indicator on the outside packaging, which turned to blue to alert timely changing.

Also, the provision for hassle-free disposal was a convenient and welcome feature in the Pants, according to my cousin.

I also informed her of the Baby Lotion and made her read about its demonstration by Tara Sharma (on my Blog, of course) which left her relieved and thankful to Pampers as a confident Mother.

I would also like to inform all Mothers who would be willing to try this product, about its price point.

Have a look at the Pants which I received for review.

All in all, my cousin is now an ardent fan of the newest Premium Care Pants being offered by Pampers!

I hope you would try and like this Product for your baby if you are a young parent too. :)


This blog post is written for the Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin activity in association with BlogAdda

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