Wednesday, 21 October 2015

The Little Red Cap...

Have we thought about a little red cap ever? The little red cap that we keep missing in our lives is really missing all the time, everywhere in life. This little red cap has no size and no shape. This is a symbolic cap - a symbol of our emotions, a symbol of our love and care for each other. Do we really have no time these days to express ourselves? Are we so bogged down with the jittery and emotionless lifestyle? Are we really caring? Are we not too engrossed with the mechanical lifestyle right from the moment we open our eyes every morning when we wake up, till the time we go to bed?

We have just become a cog in the rusty robotic mechanism. Each member of a family is so busy in their own mechanized routines that there is no time to look at other members of the family. While I stand in my balcony, I watch other families around and feel that everyone is living in a self-mesmerizing world with no space or place for anyone else. The kids of one of the families, which stays just opposite my house are not seen playing together. One kid is busy with her own puzzle game while the other one is busy in his jigsaw game. An elder one is engrossed in her mobile phone all the time, running her fingers through the keypad in a rapid and confused manner. The eldest, a teenager, is always having a headphone stuffed in his ears, engaged in some music all the time. Their mother is always busy with her smartphone, talking to someone, with her hands moving in various directions as if creating her own world in the air. Their father is always seen leaving early every morning in his car, for his office, with his Bluetooth earphone, talking, giving instructions, or taking instructions. The same happens when he is back home in the evening, rather late evening.

I tried talking to those kids many times, but it seems as if none of them have any time for anyone around them. Even their mother is not interested in talking to anyone in the neighborhood. Probably the digital lifestyle has made us all a body without any heart or soul. None of the families in my colony seem to be aware what is happening in the houses in the vicinity. There is always a wall of silence that is apparently invisible but is having a strong existence.

Do we need a messiah to come and tell us what we are missing? Do we really know that we are not living at all? Rather we are all just killing every precious moment of our lives. Nobody is bothered at all. Nobody cares. Nobody has a heart for listening and talking to each other. All are aloof, entwined in the abyss of life.

Does it interest you to search for that lost little red cap? It could be longing for togetherness, within us.

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