Thursday, 1 October 2015

#StandUpComedyInStyle If You Live In Style!

Being an amiable stand-up comedian is no easy task. It takes a lot of inborn wit, humor and guts to face the masses to pursue Stand-Up Comedy as a full-fledged profession. You must possess an enviable degree of articulation and expression of thoughts so as to prove your mettle in the world of comedy. 

As easy as it is to laugh off the shortcomings of others, as difficult it is to bear the brunt on one's own self. The person who masters the art of laughing off his own follies, however harsh they may sound or seem to be, is the person who can think of pursuing stand-up comedy as an art. 

It is not that a budding comedian can become a stand-up comedian in the span of a single night. It takes persistence and determination to achieve any goal that one may set his eyes upon. Stand-Up Comedy is about rekindling the flame of bravery, within oneself to step up and face those first few jokes with nobody laughing and convincing yourself that you are good enough to get on stage again and prove that you have what it takes to sustain your survival as the one with the funny bone. 

Recently, I came across the LiveInStyle website. These people are doing an outstanding job at encouraging budding talent in the field of Stand-Up Comedy - youngsters and elders alike - who search for a suitable platform to showcase their unrecognized talent, by teaming up with Comedy Hunt on Youtube - and prompting people to exhibit their bold moves - verbally and wittily. 

The website also showcases some very interesting listicles - for instance, '5 Life Lessons You Can Learn From A Stand-Up Comedian', 'How to tell a story like a stand-up comedian', '5 Questions Stand Up Comics are Asked Every Day' and such which give the common audience an insight of what it is like to live as a Stand-Up comedian. 

Other than that, there are also some 'About' sections which focus the limelight on the stand-up comedians of today's times whose approach appeals to the youth, namely Kannan Gill, Gursimran Khamba, Vir Das and Vipul Goyal. 

It is also becoming a trend nowadays that stand-up comedians appear for paid stints at events and parties in the city, so as to lend a cheerful note to such social gatherings and enlivening the Party while showcasing their talent. 

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