Thursday, 8 October 2015

#ChampIsBack, And Says #NaMosteUSA!

#NaMosteUSA took the Indian tabloids by storm,
Once bitten, twice shy, was PM Modi in the USA. 
The Town Hall with Facebook's prime was warm, 
A visit to the Silicon Valley earned a unanimous Aye! 

This affair echoed in and around Indian homes,
However, a bit twisted was the scenario in ours. 
What fun is some sugar sans its spice? 
NaMo in the USA, Google captured my fancy! 

Was it because he met Indian CEO Pichai? 
Or their planning of a WiFi Rail Net in India? 
None, I say, as you are gravely mistaken,
Their launch of Nexus 5X instead, caught my eye! 

In dreams, an aspiration turned to reality,
LG & Google's Nexus 5X restored normality. 
What went wrong in the first place, you may wonder,
The PM's most reliable device had been stolen - a blunder!

The thieves were smart, the device, however, smarter,
Penetrated the security cover, but failed through Nexus Imprint.
It was but, an essential feature to privacy, no starter! 
Fingerprint sensing put to use, no intruder would it mint! 

They succeeded in stealing, not in stalking,
All of NaMo's love for Google - succinctly organized
On the Drive, YouTube would have his Gmail streaming,
Unable to fathom hacking his lifeline, however hard they analyzed!

Helpless chaps, they were forced to return, take a U-turn,
Only and only NaMo's Champ it was - the Nexus 5X.
Its battery cried over their numerous futile attempts,
Marshmallow recruited USB Type-C for lightning speed! 

Ten minutes past plugging, NaMo's Champ lasted four hours.
Celebrations at Townhall - #ChampIsBack, all rejoiced! 
The Champ united with its premier owner,
Those thieves were now in prison, having underestimated Nexus! 

Nexus 5X saved the day, 
Top-line performance was a star!
In the dimmest ambiance, was found, a way,
Features which were assets, to take it afar!


I am participating in the #ChampIsBack activity at BlogAdda.

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