Friday 2 October 2015

Let Us Pledge To #ProtectHerHeart...

Winner Announcement: #ProtectHerHeart heart health activity


We are not humans. We parallel our lifestyle in today's times with that of a mechanized robot, whose gotten too busy making a living, that he's forgotten to make a life. 

Come to think of it, we are merely existing, not living. A majority of the human race today is busy meeting deadlines, running errands, completing projects, putting ourselves together. 

Our lifestyle is now governed by not what we would LIKE to pursue, but what we HAVE to do. Our only folly? It had been aptly highlighted by David Muecke. 

"A hectic life usually lacks attention to detail, and often the details are people."

I would like to add my two cents to it by saying that most often, those people who lack our attention also include our own selves. 

Being a woman who has been (attempting to) maintain the work-life balance since the past three decades, I can testify to the fact that I realize too, that I neglect my physical well-being every now and then owing to various factors which influence our lives and lifestyles in today's so called modern world. 

Progressing towards a perpetually connected world also weighs heavily on the yardstick of maintaining good health too, thus limiting my physical activity. 

Our lax and lazy-bones alter ego has been successfully overpowering our active and on-the-go self, over the years. 

Especially us ladies - we overlook the fact that this ignorance - towards our own well-being - is NOT bliss now. A bane rather than a boon, in the long run, would surface, where we might have to confront long-term illnesses.

Gradually, it is becoming harder to realize that physical activity is more about physical endurance - brisk walking, jogging, working out, Yoga - and less and less about just running errands and doing the chores of the house. 

I feel that the time is not far when our muscles, organs, and even the heart would go on strike against our nonchalant attitude towards our soul's temple - our precious body. 

Given the increasingly harrowing time constraint of twenty-four hours -  'just' twenty-four hours in a day which seem too small a time-frame to pass, existing through our daily routines, most of us - including myself - have to make time to spend on and to pamper ourselves. 

That pampering is also when we decide to take time out of our so-called 'busy schedule' to spend some of it upping the 'physical activity' meter. 

Fortunately or not, it now takes us a 'test' to remind us on a scale of 'Just Keep Going' to 'Take Immediate Action' how ignorant we've truly been. 


I am talking about Saffolalife and their #ProtectHerHeart initiative which prompted me to take their Weight-Heart Test to come to terms with some awe-inspiring facts regarding my own self. 

Based on providing some vital stats, I was greeted by 'Kindly Take A Note'. I hope that this Note does not lose its way through the numerous Post-It Notes on an erstwhile office desk! 

I sincerely do. 

It also presented a clearer picture of how this anchor of the family's walk over turbulent water is ever-proceeding towards accumulating rust. 

There are some pointers which I hope to adopt, towards the achievement of a healthier me and a healthier heart on my inside, just in time for my Birthday this month. For it is my heart which bears the brunt of not only emotional and psychological but also physical ordeals. 

Well, of course, it won't be a 'build-in-a-night' case in point. It would take persistence and determination. And, I've made a promise to myself. My spouse has made it to himself and to me too. We've pledged to #ProtectHerHeart because we don't want these figures to engulf her while she rudders the house and home impressively albeit neglecting her own self all the time. 

Most certainly, we would not like the consequences of lack of self-care to profess themselves on her delicate being down the timeline too. 

That Her in #ProtectHerHeart is Yours Truly. :) 


Well, I have prepared a seven-point checklist to ensure that we - my better half and me are able to match ourselves up to the seemingly herculean task of #ProtectHerHeart to achieve a healthier lifestyle for both of us. 

That checklist goes by the acronym PROTECT. Each letter signifies a minor addition or change to our present-day routine which would add up to a major improvement over the horizon. 

Put Our Hearts Together, Pledge Together...
Rationalize Those Pros-Cons, Become Better...
Outsmarting Each Other With The Pep Talks...
To Alleviate Stresses Over Some Brisk Walks...
Evaluating What's On Our Plates Over Dinner...
Coming Through Each Day As A Person, Fitter...
The Worries Vanish As We #ProtectHerHeart!

In addition to this, religiously following a sharing of household duties, getting up to obtain some fresh air, each day - inhale and exhale - deep breathing, along with pushing ourselves for that forsaken Health Checkup, would go a long way in assisting us to uphold our Pledge. 

We've promised ourselves to fulfill this Pledge to #ProtectHerHeart over the year. Have you and your better half taken it up too? :) 


I am joining the Saffolalife #ProtectHerHeart initiative and pledging my support to better heart health in Association with BlogAdda.

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