Saturday, 17 October 2015

CookGourmet - Delight At My Doorstep...

It is a thing of two weeks past when an invite had been extended out to me by the gastronomically inclined folks at Cook Gourmet. They expressed their interest to 'end my long search for new & exciting recipes every day'.

'We'd love your review' was what prompted the Blogger in me to go ahead and check out what was on offer.

These were what I noticed on their website at first glance.

After a mail from their Marketing Head, who was quick to explain to me, that their mission is to make incredible home cooking accessible to everyone - from the novice cook just getting started to the experienced chef, I decided to give it a try.  

Each week they send all the pre-measured and perfectly proportioned ingredients a budding kitchen connoisseur needs, to prepare delicious and healthy meals at home.  

They introduce their members to new ingredients, flavors, and cooking techniques with seasonally-inspired recipes that are always delicious, fun and easy to prepare. 

With around a dozen recipes segregated according to Meal Preference (Veg/Non-Veg) and Timeline (Previous Week/This Week/Next Week), the What's Cooking section looked like this: 

As you could very well guess, I ordered the Crispy Crusted Red Snapper with Sweet Chili Sauce & Red Pepper Salad prepared by Chef Nikkhil Kanwar

Finer details such as the calorie count of the dish, the utensils to facilitate preparation at home and explicit specification of the trivial ingredients (like salt) which would not be provided had also been taken care of. 



Along with the attention being paid to customer-friendliness of the entire website, a week-long Days slot and a two-hour time slot await you at Checkout. 

You could choose any particular day in the week, ahead of the present and a particular timing (say 3-5) to get your recipe box delivered, with compliments. 

After I had cooked my savory recipe, I promptly reviewed it on their portal first. I found my testimonial to be one among many other positive ones. 

Are you wondering about the snapshots of what was delivered and made for, in reality? I have saved the best for the last. 

Presenting,  the ingredients to Crispy Crusted Red Snapper with Sweet Chili Sauce & Red Pepper Salad cooked at home by Yours Truly, thanks to CookGourmet! 

Dry ingredients came in small zip-lock pouches. Fluids like oil and sauce came in air-tight bottles. Sliced and chopped veggies came in air-tight packaging. The main ingredient, Red Snapper was shielded by a Freeze Pack - all stickers labeled appropriately in Green circles or Red. 

The Recipe Box was also accompanied by an elaborate recipe card which made preparing this savory delight a piece of cake.


Now, for the plating: 


My first experience with Cook Gourmet has been pleasant. I would like to suggest to them, two improvement points - a minor one for the website and one for the packaging of their recipe box. 

  • On the 'My Account' page, my profile picture loads as a broken image. This had happened thrice. I do not know whether it is because my network connection is managing with tortoise speed this week or an error at the backend, but I found it proper to bring it to their notice as a part of this review. 
  • I know that I'd be suggesting a complete makeover to their packaging but presently - if mishandled - the fluid ingredient bottles slide and wobble. They have been made air-tight to prevent spillage, thankfully. Could Cook Gourmet go ahead with a packaging similar to that of stationery kits, that have slots for appropriate items? It would be a pleasant change, in my opinion. :) 

I look forward to ordering, receiving and preparing many more CookGourmet delights in the future! Thanks CookGourmet for an opportunity to host you over. 
Yours is a finely crafted concept and I wish it keeps going strong. :) 


  1. This is basically blue apron concept in India. The prices seem very steep though. But glad to know about it. Will certainly try it if it comes to Bangalore.

    1. It sure is analogous to that. They keep coming up with discounts, I noticed. Moreover, the first order is offered at a flat rate through a certain coupon code, which is prominently publicised on their site.
      I'm glad the information helped.
      Keep Visiting.

  2. HI Poonam

    Thanks for a lovely and detailed view on our recipe box and webiste. We are working on your suggestions to iron out these issues and give you an awesome experience going forward. Look forward to you trying more recipes.

    1. Thanks, Team, for leaving your footsteps on the blog.
      Sure thing - more gourmet joy - since CookGourmet is now tried and tested!
      Keep Visiting, as I'll keep reviewing culinary awesomeness from your side. :)


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