Wednesday, 29 April 2015

We #ShareTheLoad, To Ensure #EqualityForQuality...

He was not like that earlier. At some moment of time during his childhood, probably, he was made to register in his mind that men are not supposed to do household jobs like washing clothes, cooking, cleaning etc. It might have been true in earlier times when women used to stay at home with no scope of stepping out in the society and men used to work for the entire day and beyond.

But gradually as time progressed, mindsets changed and the society started accepting the need and want of women to work to improve the family's economic conditions. With the change in ideology, women embraced professionalism, at times, with their dreams soaring higher than those of their male counterparts in the family and society had to face the fact that women are no less to men, in any field.

Women proved their mettle by acquiring higher positions in the professional arena. They have not only proved themselves to be at par with men in all aspects but established a notion that women are more productive in the professional arena as well. But, most of the men still kept assuming that even if the woman of the house is employed full-time like them, then also managing household jobs is only their responsibility.

Eventually, some bright minds with a miniscule amount of common-sense realized that if women are able to work full-time in office environments like them, then they should also be participating in household jobs. Till that time men used to sit, relax, read newspapers or watch television on a weekend and women used to work like busy bees right since dawn till dusk and beyond, there used to be a latent gap, separating the two. Gradually when men realized and started spending time in volunteering to try doing household chores, the gap reduced drastically.

The same happened in our case also when my husband realized that it was not too tough to #ShareTheLoad, and started offering to fetch groceries like vegetables, fruits, milk etc. Soon enough, he realized that it was no big deal to step up and #ShareTheLoad. While he used to go for a while, buy things and come back, I stayed busy before, during and after he completed these small activities.

There was perhaps a moment of self-realization after which he was prompted to prepare lunch on weekends, which is now a weekly affair. Gradually he also began helping me in almost everything – from dusting the furniture to washing the linen.

We as a couple, along with Ariel India, disagreed to the notion - #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob?
No. Not at all.

We've realized that happiness lies in sharing, as sharing is caring and sharing is loving. :)
We have learned the essence of #EqualityForQuality, too. :)


I am writing for the #ShareTheLoad activity at in association with Ariel.

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