Sunday, 26 April 2015

#CrashthePepsiIPL: The Jungle Story

The Jungle Story in the Crash the Pepsi IPL ad gallery is fabulous. This crisp video spanning 31 seconds is quite innovative but has nothing to do with IPL or cricket. Though the theme is well taken on how the king of the jungle transforms from bad to good with the help of a gift given to him, ideated by one of the wise and intelligent animals among those living in the jungle and bearing the anguish of the king of the jungle – The Lion.

The story line has been detailed in Hindi and goes like this. There is a king named Sher Singh in the jungle who is quite unfriendly towards all the other animals living in the jungle. All animals are living a dreadful life because they fear the Lion. One fine day, one of them offers a Pepsi to the lion and that day onwards the lion's outlook towards them changes for the good. That day onwards lion becomes a part of the group, one among them and everyone starts living happily. Now there is no fear in the jungle. The Lion has become a big fan of Pepsi and every day he has to be offered a Pepsi.

So far so good. The story, its theme and presentation is all good. But, there is not an iota of cricket in it. I mean there is no mention even once. Neither is the mention of IPL. So that way the video uploaded by Taruna Singh stays away from the original theme and topic. In that manner, the video has a vast scope of improvement to fill in the gap and patch together the missing connection between the video's characters, Pepsi and the game of cricket in the form of IPL. If that gap had been filled, the video would have become more relevant and powerful in conveying its message. That way it would have gelled well with the theme of IPL, Pepsi and Cricket.

Right now, with Taruna's attempt, we are only focusing on the goodness of Pepsi as a soft drink.

Probably the gap would have been filled by presenting it in a slightly different way. The animals would have offered Pepsi to the King accompanied by a proposal to witness one of the IPL matches together and that would have made for a good ending with the Lion accepting the gift and proposal both. All the animals along with the Lion would have been portrayed as enjoying the game of IPL and Pepsi together. That probably could have been the ideal ending to the video. Sometimes even the best presentation fails to impress if we sway from the subject line.

All in all, it is a good effort on Taruna's part, but I feel that the good could have been made better. :)


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  1. most of the ads were so blah. the jungle story was nice. and yes the cricket was missing.. but still it was cute. all the best for the contest :)

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    1. Thanks and wish you the same, Meera.
      Keep Visiting. :)


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