Monday, 27 April 2015

The One Corner Of My House, That Lets Me #CelebrateLife...

There is one corner of my house that makes me want to be there, every time I have a problem to solve or if I am feeling lonely. I often end up posing a question to my inner self - What is so special about that corner? What makes me so energetic and brings me back on the track the moment I feel low or lose sight of my aim? Is it some hidden secret that I will never come to know or is it something that is there in the back of my mind that I have never been able to recollect?

I remember my childhood days when on rare occasions I had a not-so-good time in school. Being a topper in all subjects throughout and an excellent badminton player, I was always an apple of my teachers' eye. I was not only admired as the best sports person of my school but was also applauded among the brilliant and intelligent lot of the school. Besides academics and sports, I also used to actively participate in dramatics, orations and other such co-curricular activities.

That was the reason for 'bad day at school' being a rare instance, but I'm not negating the fact that there used to be times when I was not able to reply to a question directed to me by my teacher in front of the class, or when I had not been able to solve a question. That was the time when I used to feel very bad about it and during the rest of the time in school, I used to crave to reach out to that corner in my house.

That craving stayed with me all along, during my journey through school days, college days and even during the initial phase of my career. I remember, there used to be times when the whole family would be excited to go to an outing together, but for me, it was always more exciting a time to spend few minutes every day in that corner of my house in solitude, in introspection.

My Mother, after realizing that it was the most soothing and peaceful moments which I spent in that corner, kept the most auspicious holy books of all religions in that corner and also placed some beautiful pictures of various Gods and Goddesses there. That corner always was, has always been and will always be the best corner of my world where I experience happiness, and bliss, along with the motivation to #CelebrateLife every time I go there.

Probably that is the reason why even after so many years I have not forgotten that corner of my house.


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