Tuesday, 7 April 2015

When You Come To Delhi...

Delhi, as a city, has gained the reputation for being the Traveler's Pride, over the past five years or so. We don't have much left to wonder when we hear of the National Capital Territory gradually transforming into a potpourri of citizens pouring in from a majority of states of our diverse country. A staggering sixty-five percent of the people dwelling in Delhi are migrants - people who had migrated to the city sometime in the past, sighting an improved standard of living and a better lifestyle. Of the remaining thirty-five percent, twenty percent are tourists while fifteen percent are native citizens.

It is of utmost importance for Delhi, as a city to offer its visitors, namely tourists, with an array of choices concerning the best hotels in Delhi. They say that the guest equals God in stature and must always be offered the best. It then becomes the one being visited to ensure that their arrangement for their visitors does not fall short on any grounds. Similarly, the guests must be offered the state-of-art stay in the city, and for that the guest's hotel bookings in Delhi must be a breeze. If the bookings are timely and economic, along with ensuring comfort and fulfillment of a certain criterion demanded by the guest, then they are the best being offered!

If one is traveling solo, then the above factors of selection of a place to stay, hold well. However, if one is travelling with a partner or as a familial unit, then choosing a suitable place to stay out of one of the best hotels in Delhi for fun - filled holidays, becomes a pre-requisite. After all, what is a vacation with family devoid of any fun elements? Boring, plain and sans any excitement, right?

If a list of hotels in Delhi is to be chalked out, the places of stay would have to be categorised on the basis of a variety of factors such as its location, cost of stay according to the duration of stay, the number of persons staying and the number of rooms being booked, ambiance, facilities being offered, ranking on a scale of one to five stars etc.
It is then at the disposal of the visitor to prepare a checklist of his preferred factors and decide on a suitable hotel to stay in the capital city.

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