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Trending Jeans Styles for Women...


Fashion sense is precise; your fashion preferences may differ from the world and can be altered as per your comfort, but fashion sense is all about knowing why are you wearing what you are wearing. Take an example of jeans. If you believe that jeans are too casual to make you look trendy, then you are probably mistaken here. Jeans are versatile, comfortable and flexible to fit flawlessly, all you need to do is find a right top and a pair of stylish footwear.
So now that you know that the importance of jeans is constant in frequently changing fashion trends, ask yourself if you are buying the right pair of jeans? If you believe that all jeans are the same, then it’s time to expand your knowledge, girl! There are a plenty of jeans types, styles and categories, divided on the basis of style, pattern, and fabric processing. Here’s what you can discover in the world of jeans for this particular season:
Washed Denims
Don’t you simply love that non-uniform (sharp) blue or white contrast in your favorite pair of jeans?  They are washed denims, strategically washed and processed during the manufacturing process to make this level of unique for you. The older the better is the right phrase to be used for such chemically processed jeans. Their classiness and style factor never fade away, even if the strength of fabric does. Wear them with white, black or any other color under the sky, and they will never disappoint you.  
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Boyfriend Jeans
Boyfriend jeans are designed particularly to offer you a distressed look. If you deal with a job, where your sleeves are always rolled up, you would love to wear a pair of boyfriend jeans. They are not only casual and comfy, but also give you the freedom to roll them up and it will enhance your coolness factor in your personality. Don your favorite bohemian style tank top to complement the free-style appeal this pair of pants offers you.  You can also experiment with buttoned up shirt and high heels or pumps to break the tomboyish equation that a pair of boyfriend jeans generally forms.
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Flare Leg Pants
You know these pants as 70s classic clothing invention. However, the latest seasonal trends have represented this pair of bottoms in even more exciting manner. The level of sophistication is certainly high in the contemporary collection of flared pants. Flared jeans are designed to be worn high on the waist; hence they give you enough freedom to throw on your favorite crop tops.
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Skinny Jeans
Skinny jeans are extremely comfortable, easy to style and fit you flawlessly. This is the reason that they are one essential item for your wardrobe. You can easily wear this type of jeans with buttoned up shirts, casual tops, blouses/crop tops or long vests with short denim jackets. If you want the outfit to be prominent, then go with heels and for a casual approach, choose to go with your favorite lifestyle shoes or a pair of oxfords.
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Low Rise Jeans
Skinny jeans have been winning the hearts around since 1980s. The glorious journey of three decades explains how much this style of bottoms has been loved by fashionistas around the globe. They are designed to hug your hip, thighs and legs neatly and bring your body shape into prominence. Hence, you have enough scope to experiment with the tops including long tops with flairs, crop tops, blouses and shirts.
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Slim Fit Jeans
Slim fit jeans are designed to sit seamlessly at your waistline and offer a naturally slim but not too skinny look. The elasticity and comfort added to this type of jeans are two factors that make every woman want a few pairs of the same in their closet. They do highlight the curves of your body and make you look effortlessly appealing in a casual jeans getup.
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Ripped Denims
Tattered look is the new term for plush and polished in the world of fashion. When you throw on a pair of ripped denims and pair it with a classy top, it definitely serves you with a classy and rebelliously lavish look.
Take a chance to wear flats with a pair of ripped jeans only when your legs are sufficiently long. Ripped denims tend to make your legs shorter hence if you already have short legs, stick to the idea of wearing pumps or boots with high heels.
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Now that you know all the trending styles of jeans getting all the fashion & style highlights, it’s the time to go ahead and shop for the same. Because, if you miss any of these, you are definitely doing injustice with your wardrobe!


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