Saturday, 14 March 2015

We Will Face It #Together...



One is a six-letter word. 

The other is a seven-letter word. 


One statement has been heard, said and passed on from and to countless generations. 

Friends are the family you choose for yourself. 


As a matter of fact, it is another word that binds these two words - #together.

As a matter of fact, your family and your friends form the two scales of a balance.

You, my friend, are the essential pivot, which must attempt to hold the balance, intact.

For you may be faced with hiccups, many.

It is through these hiccups that you must attempt to emerge from.

It is through these hiccups that your family and your friends hold you steady. 


It is true that life is not a bed of roses.

It is also true that life is not a bed of thorns either.

You pluck the rose with the thorn, at all times.


There are some moments in life when you are forced to look deep down into the valley of despair,

It is at this time, that you need a support system in place.

Your support system could be formed by your family or your friends, or both! :)

This support system could then broaden your perspective and expand your field of view to look high up to the mountain peaks and the boundless skies.


More often than not, it is the thought that counts.

More, often than not, the fact that somebody's there by your side, is most comforting.

The reassurance that you have a shoulder to rest your heavy head upon, post a depressing day at work or after an out and out horrid sequence of events ransacking your personal life, is most hopeful.


I am sure all of us must have had such moments in life.

No matter how much we try to deny having seen the dark face of situations.

They exist as a part and parcel of life.


There have been numerous such moments in my life too.

I believe in keeping such trifles at bay, to prevent them from diverting my attention from the happier pursuits and brighter horizons in life.

For facing all such situations with a certain confidence and unmatched grace, my go-to person had been my mother.

For all of the seventy-three years of her existence, she had been my pillar of strength.

She used to catapult me back to the 'battleground' with renewed courage, thoughtfulness and a never-say-die spirit.


Such memorable interactions have been many.

All of them are as fresh as rain-drenched leaves in my memory.

But the day she left us alone, is the day I broke down in the true sense.


The entire week was then spent in revisiting the forlorn lanes of monochrome.

The entire week was then spent in reflecting upon life's ways and its transience.


The entire family resolved to look at the silver lining in the dark cloud that had encompassed us.

It did not take us long to then realize, that as a family - we'll face it #together.


Today, she is our angel, protecting us from above!

For, as a family, we are always #together! :)



  1. Nice read.
    Poonam, we have nominated you for awards

    1. Thanks for the nomination!
      Elated. :)
      Keep Visiting.


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