Sunday, 22 March 2015

Celebrating Each Day As 'International Day Of Happiness'!


A universal emotion. 

They say, 'Smile, and the world smiles with you.' 

A smile carries with it a certain blissful aura. 

An aura which is guaranteed to let no individual escape from within its pleasant reach. 


In today's fast paced life, our priorities have changed. 

We've unlearnt the childish art of carefree exploration. 

We've unlearnt how we used to spend all day in the sun, whiling away our time while we traded it for some memorable, impulsive tiffs and momentary patch-ups. 

We've unlearnt how we too, used to drift away with the paper boats in that rainwater puddle. 


For me, happiness is an uplifting emotion. 

Somewhere among the grayest clouds of a depressing, tiring and gloomy day, recalling a precious memory or even being reminded of it, serves as the quintessential silver lining. 


There are numerous episodes which play through our lives in a miniscule span of one single day. 

I refer to it as miniscule as opposed to the scale at which events take place, all across the universe. 

Yet, in the miniscule, lies spontaneity. 

The spontaneity of that golden moment is enough for you to endure through the entire rough patch. 


For me, happiness lies in recalling those precious moments which I've treasured all this time - moments spread across my life-span, spent well with family, friends, and well-wishers. 

Once in a blue moon, I am reminded of random episodes, invaluable memories, and precious instances, and it is these random episodes which bring a smile to my face - ear to ear, without fail. 

For me, happiness surfaces from the core, when I come back home, to my daughter, for the time when we marvel at and share the happenings of each other's busy days. :) 


Of course, it is reassuring to know that you won't return home to loneliness. 

There is someone to listen to the proceedings of your day, with rapt, undivided attention. 

That feeling is the most comforting in the whole world. :) 


They say, 'Smiles are contagious.' 

I wholeheartedly agree with this ideology. 

Very unknowingly, but in all probability, if you see any random stranger smiling at you, you are sure to smile back. 

I say this because you never know, if your smile could make someone else's day! 

I believe in trying to better someone's mood, to lift their spirits and that is what betters my mood, and  makes my day happier and lighter, too. 

It is always better to smile your worries away! :) 


Receiving pleasant surprises brightens up my day and ushers in the happiness too. 

Surprises, for me, refer not only to the materialistic, but also to the unseen and unexpected happenings of the day. 

Sometimes, an unforeseen change of plans in the day's schedule works out properly too. 

And, if an impromptu variation does work out, it undoubtedly makes me feel happier and proud of myself too. 

For, you must fully equip yourself to deal with the unexpected and unseen, at all times in life. :) 


Stealing away some 'Me-Time' for the moments when I'm all by myself is a rare event. 

How do you feel when you are told that you possess something rare? 

You feel as if you're on top the world, right? 

I'm the happiest person when I'm all by myself. 

For, it accompanies with itself, a certain degree of freedom. 

The freedom, which tends to lose itself among the monotonicity of  a routine and the overly mechanized movement of thoughts and actions. :) 


With these, #IAmHappy and I celebrate each day as 'International Day Of Happiness'! :)

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