Monday, 23 March 2015

Do You Fancy Mr. Gupta's 'Nashta'?

Who doesn't like a wholesome breakfast at the dawn of a new day? 

Who wouldn't want to begin their day on a pleasant note, with healthy and sumptuous food, at the breakfast table?

Same goes for evening snacks as well. :)

Fortunately or, unfortunately, health and taste do not always go hand-in-hand. 

These two picky ladies are well-known frenemies. 

Seldom do they adorn the same platter. 

To bring them together, in a single plate is a mean feat to achieve, for us ladies, to impress our families! :) 


On this front, Yours Truly has been blessed. 

Blessed with the gift of innovation. 

That aside, I've also been blessed with a humble man's initiation. 

I speak of Kellogg's India, this day, thanks to W.K. Kellogg who saw a revolution brewing, in a single grain. 



So, how would you respond to an invitation for you to come over for Mr. Gupta's अनाज का नाश्ता?

How about these five dishes being presented to you for some wholesome and appetizing breakfast or evening snacks?


How about some Strawberry & Banana Cornflakes to begin your day with smiles?

Mr. Gupta and his family call it the 'जगह बनाने वाला नाश्ता' 

Well, I'd say, the combination of milk and banana is itself heavenly, 

Strawberries enhance the bliss, coupled with our humble cornflakes. 


For fussy kids out there, who refuse to let something beneficial even touch the tip of their tongue, just because it is lacking in taste, there is the 'Best Family वाला नाश्ता' on offer. 

Apple slices and cornflakes form for a conventional combination. It is the cinnamon which adds to contemporariness of the good-old 'नाश्ता' 


It is said that a mother's world revolves around her children. 

It is no coincidence then, that 'नाश्ता' forms an integral part of a child's wholesome development, physically and mentally. 

It comes as a no-brainer when I say that it is very difficult to please kids. 

The humble 'Chapati' poses a difficulty for us mothers when it comes to convincing them. 

For such picky and choosy children, there is a 'नखरे वाला नाश्ता' too. 

For when there's no resort left for the leftover wheat bread, you ought to pair it with those magical Cornflakes! 


For the ones with the sweet tooth, pair Coconut with nuts, milk and Cornflakes to churn out a dish to charm the family - 'Best Tiffin वाला नाश्ता' - to please all the kids and the elders alike. 

With such a delicacy to conquer sweet teeth, your humble Cornflakes are sure to conquer hearts. 


Do you fancy some popcorn for an evening matinee with your family? 

Well, what better than these? 

'Movie वाला नाश्ता' 

Have you ever heard of such a unique concoction? 

With these Clusters of Popcorn, you are sure to divert your family's attention to the snack, from the movie's plot, for sure. 


Dear Reader, would you come over for some 'अनाज का नाश्ता' with Gupta Ji and his family? 

क्या आप आएंगे, यदि #KelloggsWaleGuptaji बुलाएँगे? :D

With the right amounts of health, deliciousness and creativity going into these delicacies for 'नाश्ता', I am sure, I wouldn't miss the chance, at any cost! :) 

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