Friday, 6 March 2015

Sweet, Silly, Fun...

It is Holi today. 

But as much as the title may read like or sound like the sweets we have, the silly things we do, and the fun we have on this festive day, this post is not centered around a festival.


This post could as well be about babies and their sweet, silly and fun mannerisms, couldn't it? :)

I'm sure, each of us must've have played with a baby, at least once in our lifetimes.

I say at least once because for some of us, playing with a baby might be a routine affair.


There is a good chance that you may be a baby's parent or a close relative.


A baby is a blessing.
A gift from heaven above.

A precious little angel.
To cherish and to love.


I myself, have seen two kids grow up, right from the crawling, to the baby talk, to the walking and the prim and proper conversations.

First to arrive was my brother's daughter.

Second to follow was my own daughter.

Two angels.


Each kid has their own mannerisms.

Some are happy, some cranky, some hyperactive, some adamant, some picky.

But kids are kids.


They have a certain glow, a certain aura brimming with purity, and a blissful outlook.

Kids love to explore.

At least our angels did.

What made them happy, was the fact that we were always by their side.

Tackling their curiosity, with us, at our wit's ends.


Making bubbles with them, during those warm water baths, and admiring the amazement in their eyes on witnessing something which could fly without wings.

Marvelling at their belief of us being truly startled by their 'You see me, You see me not' antics.

Whiling away time, playing with their favourite toys.

Be it the role - playing games, the puzzles, jigsaws, the doll which would clap at the spin of a key, or the makeshift Tower Of Hanoi.

All of these would light up their adorable faces with contentment.

Teaching them their ABCs and 123s and rhyming away with their special ways of recitation of rhymes.

Accompanying them as toddlers ourselves, by responding to them in baby talk! ^_^


Above all, making sure that they are blessed with good health, by providing them with the best baby-essentials.

Be it the soap, the oil, the moisturizing cream, or the soft towelettes, or the diapers with the surety of being dry and rash-free all day long, thanks to Magic Gel.


Teaching them to establish kinship with and become nature's comrades.

Observing them jumping with joy, at the sight of a curled up snail, amidst those plants in pots.

Noticing them observe the intricate details of the honeycomb, when a queen bee had indeed come with her comrades, to establish her workforce in our terrace garden.

Relishing the divine sweetness of truly natural honey, together at the dinner table, as dessert.

Respecting my daughter's meticulousness in reviving a fallen baby sparrow, and feeding it thinly sliced watermelon skin.


Such episodes deserve to be remembered till posterity.

It is these episodes, which shower pearls of joy, laughter, amazement and surprise, when we ponder on them, later in life.

It is these episodes which knock on our heart's door, to unlock the child within, every once in a while.


This post has been written as a part of Indi Happy Hours' Dry Baby, Happy Baby in association with Pampers India and IndiBlogger. 

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