Monday, 23 March 2015

Epicurean Display of Buffet Food in Ahmedabad...

The Gujarati Thali is already a known delicacy in the global arena but now, it has reached a new height recently after cashing in on the Modi factor. Gujarat is, in fact, famous for many things – food, dandia and tourism being prominent among many others. Ahmedabad being the commercial city of Gujarat, is one of its most happening cities. Around twenty years back it was very simple and untouched by the fancy lifestyle of metro cities. If you had visited Ahmedabad during those times, you would have fallen in love with the calmness and serenity of the city. And if you visit the city now, the new era modern colors have already painted the canvas of Ahmedabad. People are quite energetic, sober and calm here.

If you talk about buffet dinner in Ahmedabad, it is a specialty here. You enjoy a privilege of having a great variety of Gujarati food that is very tasty and sumptuous. I am really a fan of having it whenever I visit Ahmedabad. Usually, I keep visiting the place for various reasons. Finding a buffet restaurant in Ahmedabad is not difficult. Navrangpura is one of the best places to find one of the best restaurants. In the buffet too, you get a vast variety of food be it Dal-Bhati-Churma or Khakra. Basically, you name a Gujarati dish and are promised to have a lingering, unforgettable taste.

Though Gujarati food is available in many other states other than Gujarat but if you want to enjoy a real taste of it, never miss a chance to try having a buffet lunch in Ahmedabad. A lot of people keep visiting Ahmedabad for vacation or business purpose and the secret behind their frequent visit is to relish the real taste of Gujarati food here in Ahmedabad. Nowadays it is not at all difficult to find a good restaurant in any corner of Ahmedabad. Some of the restaurants are popular among the locals as they find the food available here to be as sumptuous and tasty as the one that is home made. If you have been there in Ahmedabad or are a resident, you really can’t afford to miss it. Give it a try and you will become a die hard fan.

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