Saturday, 28 March 2015

Online Shopping And Lucrative Deals!

Who, in today’s digital world would be unaware of Flipkart? In my opinion, even a kid who is aware of the strengthening grip of the internet and social media would definitely be knowing about Flipkart. Flipkart is one of the major online retail stores offering books, electronic gadgets, gaming consoles, mobile phones, movies and a lot more. Any relevant discounts, if applicable, are displayed on their portal against the respective item.

There is a better way of making purchases from online retail stores. If you have not heard about an excellent initiative taken by the team of 27Coupons, then you must make an attempt to know about it and experience it. For all kinds of online shopping endeavors, to facilitate and provide excellent benefits to online shoppers, 27Coupons has decided to provide a good number of coupons and deals for their customers. This initiative has been taken by the team of 27Coupons in association with Patrika, the India’s largest Hindi News Portal.

If you decide to visit the 27Coupons website and search for your favorite store to find the exclusive offers which will definitely provide a good benefit to you for any kind of online purchase, you will fall in love with it, for sure. In my case, when I visited the website, to check on the benefits I would get if I make my purchases from Flipkart via this website, I could find eight deals and one coupon.

This set of deals and coupons does not remain constant all the time. It keeps changing from time to time. Maybe, the next time I visit, I would find a different set of deals or coupons or both. These eight exclusive deals are quite substantial in nature. For instance, the first deal itself was quite appealing, as it offered a fifty percent concession on Cameras. The second one was similar, offering a fifty percent discount on women's apparel.

The next one stood at a fifty percent off on men’s apparel. To the left-hand-side of each deal, you find an indication to highlight if the respective deal has been an 'Editor’s Pick' or not. The first three deals were of course Editor’s Picks. It does not mean that the next deals in fray were not that substantial or lucrative.

The subsequent deals were about a fifty percent off on footwear, an eighty-eight percent off on watches, a sixty percent off on books and so on. Below each deal, there are two tabs – one tab, to view the deal in detail. The moment you click on this tab, it displays the item and the details of the selected deal. Similarly, when you click on the Deal tab, it opens up the details of the deal in a new tab.

Overall it is quite interesting to keep buying your favorite products from your desired online stores, without any compromises. And on top of that against each purchase you make, you get an additional discount in terms of a deal or a coupon.

Definitely, there is a lot in store for you once you visit here, scroll down to your favorite store and then have a look at the items you desire to purchase bundled with additional benefits for you. :)

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