Thursday, 19 March 2015

Is It Too Tough To #ShareTheLoad?

There have been times. 

There have been times,
When I looked into his eyes,
To convey,
To seek his help,
Washing the dirty linen,
Is not as tough as he feels.

That Laundry is not only 
A Woman's Job. 



There have been times,
When I tried to tell him
If he has the rights to demand
That his clothes be properly washed,
And ironed in time,
Then he too, has certain
Responsibilities, Duties.

There have been times,
When I demonstrated to him
How easy it is to wash
With the Automatic,
At home...

Soaking In The Wetness...
Of Water. :)

Keep An Eye On The Timer...
And On How You've Set The Controls. :)

That's How We Twist And Twirl!
We'll Be Spotless In No Time! :)


And how simple it would be
For him to chip in on his part
And doing it sometimes when
I swing on those moods
Or if health swings on me...

There have been times,
When he has understood,
What I wanted to tell, convey
And, demonstrate to him
But he followed only one path
Of moodiness, ignorance and denial.


I knew he had the Time to
Assist me..
I knew he had the Capability to
Help me...
I knew he had the Heart to
Support me...
But never knew,
The reason behind,
Reluctance, Unwillingness,
And Occupation With Important Tasks.


Excuses, Avoidance, Dodging. 
Belittling 'Sharing Is Caring'. 

Coaxing, Persuasion, Convincing. 
Mister, You Ought To #ShareTheLoad! 


A magic transformed the mundane. 

A magic brimming of,
A Breeze of fresh air.
When he himself broke,
Broke free of the shell.
The shell he had been seeking,
Refuge in.
Leaving me incapacitated.
Searching the zeal, the volunteer.
Seeking him always.

Sometimes a fistful,
A scoop of Magical Powder.
Changes a mindset,
Transforms your patterns,
Rejuvenates your partner,
Turning into,
A much-awaited boon!


Shell, Refuge, Cocoon. 
Broken, Freedom, Wings. 

Game Changer In Frame. 
Ariel Matic! :D 

Complete+ has the power... 

Whatever be the stain...
Matic's here to nullify your pain! :)

Shine Like New, Indeed! :)
3 Step Super Powers.
Clean, Fast, Deep! 


The family that prays together stays together!

So, why not a couple to wash the dirty linen together?



Do you dare?

Take The #WashBucketChallenge!


That's his first pose, with our Mr. Magic. 
That's how the dirty linen went inside. 

That's how we twisted and twirled. 

We shook and stir Him too... 

To being his Responsible self. 

That is Mr. Khanduja for you! 


Post the magical episode,
There are times...
When I ask him,
If he needs my help.
To do the Laundry.

And he just smiles,
Holding up in the air,
That packet of magic.
As a sign of Victory,
Over the unwillingness, reluctance,
And says - 'No'.

Still, I'm there.
To assist him.
For, We...

That's not just my Automatic.
It's OUR Beloved Automatic. :)
The Feel Good Factor...
Of Contributing To Household Chores.
An Achievement. 


Now it is just us,
Our automatic,
And that packet,
Of magic.

Doing wonders,
All the day,
The whole week.
The entire month.

Long live the magic, Ariel Matic Complete+.
Long live the magician, Ariel India.
Long live the initiative to #ShareTheLoad.
For us as a family,
Sharing is indeed Caring.


'This post is a part of the #WashBucketChallenge activity at in association with Ariel India


It's not over yet. 

Mister and I nominate these five people to get any male member in their family, or as a male member of the family themselves, to pledge to #ShareTheLoad by taking the #WashBucketChallenge with Ariel India. 

Kiran Acharya (with her naughty brother, Charuhas) 
Rekha Dhyani (with her husband, Vikesh) 
Sakshi Nanda (with her husband, Aseem) 
Hrishikesh Bawa (to surprise his mother) 
Anmol Rawat (to surprise his sister, Akriti) 


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  2. U r always so creative with ur posts :)
    All the best for the contest

    1. Thanks for the compliment, and the wishes, Ananya.
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  3. Great piece...
    All the best! :)

  4. Beautifully crafted post, Poonam!

    And bravo, Mr Khanduja!

    1. A heartfelt Thanks from us as a Team, Saket.
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  5. Beautiful! A story in form of a poem...well done Poonam :)

    1. Thanks for applauding the effort, Uma.
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