Thursday, 5 March 2015

When You #LookUp...

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Life is a bouquet of instances.
Some sweet, some sour, some bitter.

Episodes which dissolve distances.
Memories to collect, from that scatter.

The moments which make us smile.
With joy, amazement, surprise et al.

Incidents which make us #LookUp.
Bow in thanks, to the Lord above.


Instances such, are aplenty.
Just look through with hope.

Episodes such, speak of optimism.
 Memories etched for a lifetime.

The moments inviting positivity.
Into our times, and our lives.

Incidents which make us #LookUp.
With gratitude, and in benevolence.


Life and its ways.
They are unique in their own special ways.

The Almighty has his own ways of manoeuvring through.
He presents us with avenues, mostly unexpected, mostly pleasant.

For unpleasant times, however.
There is a silver lining in the greyest of clouds.

For the many closed doors in the vicinity.
There lies hidden an open one, to be explored.


In my life as well, there has been such a bouquet of intricately embroidered moments.

Moments spent well, with family and friends, nears and dears.

These are the moments which have defined me in my entirety.


For the episodes, when I was presented with a bitter face of tough times, I too, have put on my brave face to present to time, instead. 

Rising like a phoenix from the ashes, surpassing all personal trifles and looking at our world, not confined to our own selves but to the world, to the universe at large, becomes necessary to realize that there are more important avenues awaiting ahead. 

The present situation may appear to be the worst of all, in that instance, for sure. But one must not overlook the fact that if the glass looks half empty, it ought to look half full as well! :) 


It is this hope, optimism, determination and courage, which keeps the born achievers on their track. 

However. it is completely alright to get bogged down by the mountain-like difficulty, at first. 

What is needed, is the confidence to pick oneself up, put up a brave face and bog down the difficulty itself, in the end. 


That is how life works. 

Hope reigns. 

Optimism prevails. 

You emerge as the ultimate winner. 


I look for my inspiration to draw the optimism out of any situation, from that archaic ant which tirelessly perseveres to climb to the top.

I look for my inspiration to keep on trying from King Robert and that spider in a cave.


I hope for happier times ahead, with my family and friends being in the pink of health.

I hope for a calmer prospect for the world at large.

I hope for a world devoid of all malaise.

I hope for a world brimming with calm and peace.


#LookUp to the Almighty.


For, such is the power of  prayer.

Mountains are reduced to minuscule molehills.

And, molehills to insignificant grains of sand.


This post has been written as a part of Indi Happy Hours' #LookUp in association with Housing and IndiBlogger. 

P.S.: The Collage has been created using my smartphone. Images fpr the collage have been sourced from an advert spanning four pages, by Housing, in my English Daily.


  1. I was actually feeling the aura of Optimism around me while reading this. This is literally the best i have read on the topic.

    1. That's a big compliment, Alok.
      Keep Visiting. :)

  2. Optimism is great!
    I too love the King & Spider story, Poonam. Very inspiring :)

    1. Thanks for coming over, Anita.
      Good to know we have similar inspirations.
      Keep Visiting. :)


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