Sunday, 1 March 2015

Of Self-Confidence And Such...

I am sure if I had not been blessed to have her as my mother, probably I would never have learned the real meanings of words like self-respect, self-esteem, self-reliance, and self-pride. The real meaning of each of the words mentioned above was very important to understand. She helped me by explaining their importance in life. I also learned from her how each of these characteristics is to be built within, sustained, groomed and utilized at appropriate times.

I remember the first instance when she felt the need of these qualities to be imbibed in me when I was in fourth grade at school. It was a minor argument that I had had with my teacher, Mrs. Talpade, in the school, which the teacher took to her heart and decided to torture me against this altercation. Few days back she had given some 'Colour The Following Objects' sheets to be done as an assignment, which I could not do as I was not feeling well that day as soon as I reached home. I told Mrs. Talpade the reality and asked her permission to do it in the class so that I could also submit it to her. Mrs. Talpade never acknowledged my reason for being unwell and kept arguing that I was not telling her the truth. She felt that I did not do the coloring at home the previous day as I had decided intentionally, not to do it. I kept telling Mrs. Talpade that the argument she was giving was wrong and the only reason for not doing it was the illness. For not acknowledging her opinion, she got angry and made me stand outside the classroom for the rest of the period.

My heart was not able to accept this punishment for no fault of mine. I seriously thought that an action like punishment should take an independent party’s opinion before its execution. For example,
in this case, the argument should have been judged by the Principal of my school to ascertain whether the punishment given by my teacher was right or wrong. That day, upon reaching home, I narrated to my mother the whole incidence. She felt very happy to know my opinion on the concept of punishment. She praised me a lot for the clarity in my thoughts and ideas. She gave me a task. I was to convey the same message to my Principal. There were two ways of doing it. Either she could have accompanied me, the next day to school to meet my Principal, told her the complete story and requested her to counsel Mrs. Talpade so that the same incident did not happen again with any other child or she could have encouraged me to go to the Principal and narrate the entire incident.

She opted for the latter, and the lack of courage in me was reduced to a big fat zero, by her relevant encouraging stories. It really helped me a lot - in going to my Principal in a confident manner and taking her opinion on the same incident. I asked her permission to meet, in the morning for an appropriate time, met her at that time, and told her the complete story very clearly. Mrs. Talpade was immediately called to the Principal's room, warned not to repeat such acts in the school and after she left, I got praised by my Principal.


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  1. A delightful read. A similar incidence happened with me too in my childhood :)

    1. Thanks, Ravish.
      Glad to know you found a connect.
      Keep Visiting. :)

  2. Glad that the Principal acknowledged. All's well that ends well!
    Thanks to Mom for support :)


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