Sunday, 27 September 2015

#PaintFinder Finds Me Anew!

क्या करेंगे? 

कौन करेगा? 

कैसे करेंगे? 

Time कहाँ है? 

चलो छोड़ो। 

कभी और देख लेंगे। 


These are the commonplace excuses that come to the fore whenever the herculean tasking of re-painting one's abode is to be considered. There is always a sense of procrastination  associated with this task. 

After all, it isn't a task to be taken lightly and the entire house is to be taken to the limelight. Each and every room, wall, nook and corner are to be covered. 

Even when the leap from procrastination and dream-mode to materialization and practicality is taken, the time factor poses a constraint. 

As a working woman, I bet there won't be anybody better to testify by the power of time. 
As for myself, I could tell you that I go in for revamping my space, once in a blue moon. 


Also, I prefer to scout through brick and mortar shops rather than online portals. But, change is good, once in a while. 

I chanced upon the Bed, Bath and More website and was greeted by being spoilt for choice, thanks to their variety of hues, shades and themes. 

Dusky Lavender | Dusted Pink | Lemon Cooler 

Lighter hues, soothing colors, elegant shades - all define my sense of style for my sacred space. 

I was impressed by these three and wanted to have the best of ALL worlds and not just one! :) 

When I headed to the #PaintFinder, its scale of options on offer startled me. 

The fact which I liked was that the colors had been segregated according to allocated Code Numbers and the company which offered them, for ease of choice and favoriting. 

Sample the revamp of the bedroom above. 

Another feature of insight was the Paint Calculator and the Product Comparison was also extensive. 


'Find A Local Professional' also seemed nice for people exploring and experimenting with this avenue afresh. 

Moreover, the option to order specific shade cards add to the Try and Buy factor which is a must for reassurance in the e-commerce arena. 

Given a chance, I would like to go ahead and click on Buy to witness my chosen hues and shades in action, just in time for Diwali this year! 

#PaintFinder has my vote this festive season. :) 

Would you like to try out Bed Bath& More's Paint Finder too? Head here and let the splurge in the world of colors begin! 


I am participating in the #PaintFinder activity in association with BlogAdda & Bed Bath & More

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