Sunday, 3 July 2016

Catching Up On Lost Growth

We live a life of monotony, accompanied by a heap of aspirations, that concern not only ourselves, but to our near and dear ones - be it family members, friends, or even colleagues. More often than not, these hopes and desires tend to weigh us down, rather than uplift us.

One such aspiration is that of a parent towards their child and it concerns his/her physical as well as psychological well-being. It is always the matter of worrisome preoccupation for mothers especially, if something or the other isn't all hunky dory with the child.

It is always considered as a certain abnormality owing to the hard-wired, prevalent societal norms in our country, if a child is unable to keep up with the acceptable growth regimen physically. Often, instead of probing the reason leading to this inability and working towards it to let the child catch up on whatever has been lost, we tend to play the blame game as to who is to be held at fault.

There may be numerous reasons as to why a child lags behind as per the growth chart and it is of utmost importance to pinpoint what is lacking in his/her lifestyle, leading to such inadequacy.

Apart from the impression that they are unable to keep up with their peers, such children also inculcate a diminishing sense of self-esteem and self-confidence, thus scarring their personality. This, in turn gives rise to unprecedented anxiety among parents.

As the masses, much of our understanding and appreciation towards a child's sound development on the bodily front comes from whatever medical research is performed and brought to the fore through either print media or television or the all-pervasive guiding light, that is the internet.

Given the sedentary lifestyle that we lead today, our kids have turned into picky eaters who are techno-freaks and couch potatoes. As children, this makes their bodies a host of eating disorders, thus leading to undernourishment. It comes as no surprise then, that as a result, they grow susceptible to a host of diseases in the long run too.

The need of the hour is a decision to adopt a nourishing lifestyle that scores on the diet as well as exercise. A portioned meal and balanced diet, that comprises of the right amount of proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and fibre is what is ideal for a child in his/her developing years.

A good amount of physical activity outdoors also contributes to the positive impact towards scaling up the growth chart.

As a blogger, I was fortunate enough to attend such a day-long session organized by GSK and Horlicks India a couple of months back where I had been sensitized to the fact that it is as crucial for children to catch up on growth, as it is for parents and it is through this session that Horlicks had unveiled their latest product, Horlicks Growth+ that is clinically proven to promote growth among children aged 3-9 within six months of use.

Catching Up On Lost Growth

Be it a child's development on the physical or psychological front, it is the onus of the parents and to an extent, and the child themselves too, that they should adopt a healthier lifestyle, be it in terms of nutrition or exercise, as a decision that is consciously adhered to. In the case of some shortcoming on the genetic or hormonal front, say, something that is attributed to a child's family history, such products as Horlicks Growth+ can come in handy and provide the desired result.


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  1. I am sure their product is good, and from a global brand too. Very well put together ☺️

    1. Yes, I believe so too.
      Found it to be nice, flavor wise at the session, though I do not have any kids suitable to try the product in my family or otherwise.
      Thanks for appreciating the post. :)

  2. It's tragic that children do not eat right and many parents don't make an effort on account of being so caught up in stuffs. Taking care of a child is one thing but doing it right is another. Glad you wrote about the benefit of Horlicks.

    1. I concur with your thoughts, Vishal.
      Thanks for appreciating the write-up.

  3. Every mother wants best for her child.


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