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Feng Shuii - The Art Of Oriental Dining

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Feng Shuii - The Art Of Oriental Dining is situated in the premises of Gallery On MG, near Sultanpur Metro Station (on Yellow Line of Delhi Metro), and I visited the newly opened outlet on 17 July, for lunch. Must I admit in the beginning itself that Feng Shuii knows their art impeccably well.

What caught my fancy is the simplicity of Feng Shuii's premise and its aesthetically done interiors. The touch of the Chinese system of Feng Shui, which is an ancient practice of Chinese scholars resonates with the theme of the franchise, and teleport oneself to Ancient China, so to say.

From the iconic Laughing Buddha to the Chinese coins symbolizing good luck to the Chinese Money Frog to wall decals that have Chinese Scholars, Dragons and Chopsticks painted on them to the Yin Yang Balance Chart of Element-Aspect-Color placed on each table to the Yin Yang symbol that identifies with the outlet on its entrance, it wouldn't be wrong to say that Feng Shuii is mini-China in its entirety.

It is not just the tastefully done interiors that catch the eye at once, but also the courteousness of the staff and the impressively presented and delectably done food, both in terms of quality and quantity. Another feather to add to their cap is that their dishes are reasonably priced and worth for money.

Here's a low-down on their dishes:

Their Non-Veg starters, especially the Fish preparations, are a must-order on any said visit. Out of the two, namely Garlic Fish and Siamese Fish, it was difficult for me to choose over the other, had I to take a second helping.

Both the Chicken starters, namely Chicken Salt & Pepper and Chilli Chicken are well prepared and strike a balance between their core ingredients.

The Veg starters, Chilli Paneer and Assorted Asian Veggies scored equally well on my palate, so to say.

If one is to go by common notion, Dimsums are characteristic of a Chinese Meal, and so it was important that Feng Shuii got them right. Must I admit that they met my expectations. I liked the Chicken Dimsum half - a - point better than the Mushroom & Cheese Dimsum, though I shall say their fillings were quite up to the mark and not just for namesake. An interesting fact is that though the other items are voluntarily served by the stewards, they prompt the patron themselves to take the Dimsum on their plate out of the Steam Basket by using Chopsticks. Quite an experience, using those by oneself.

Another point to note is that they utilize Potato Starch and Rice Flour at Feng Shuii to prepare Dimsums, which lends the dish, a unique taste.

The entire Main Course was quite elaborate and it is difficult for me to choose a favorite, though the Fish, yet again, scored nicely, while Noodles and Rice were prepared in minimal amounts of oil. Nasi Goreng, which is an Indonesian Street Food made using Shrimp paste and Prawn was cited as a specialty and I did not shy away from trying it. Again, a unique dish and a new taste for me.

The curries, namely Assorted Veg in Schezwan Sauce, Fish in Black Bean Sauce, Red Thai Curry and Chicken in Massaman Curry were all nicely done.

Interestingly, theirs is a concept of 'Buffet on Wheels' - quite literally, as the dishes are made to walk over to your tables by the stewards. The containers are designed in a unique way.

The thirst quenchers, namely the Smoothie, Yogurt Shake and Mocha Express were nicely done too, personal favorite being the Mocha Express, for imparting its Coffee and Chocolate punch.

Topped the satiating meal with an awesome Chocolate Brownie, and I couldn't have asked for more.

What I loved about Feng Shuii is the fact that they are a 'Keep It Simple Yet Effective' kind of franchise, which leaves a lasting impression on a patron - be it by their food, ambiance, or service howsoever.

All in all, a fantastic first visit, making me crave for a second one, soon.

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