Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Warehouse Cafe Is The Hub Of Good Food

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Warehouse Cafe stands true to its name with the look and feel of a warehouse, the cogs, wheels and gears. The food is also done appropriately well. Visited this particular outlet situated in the bustling Sector 29 Market for dinner yesterday, that has come up with numerous food joints apart from the one that is being reviewed. Warehouse has a brewery incorporated into itself apart from good food.

It was a first visit and I got to know that they have a Live Band performing on Tuesdays also.

Begun with their mocktails, being a teetotaler, namely Ginger Collins, which packed a punch with its core ingredient and tried the childhood favorite Jaljeera and Strawberry Chat Bunta Mocktails. Somehow, the bottle with a small marble within, fascinates and the flavors inside that bottle stood true to their respective names too.

While the Jaljeera Bunta imparted that iconic, classic flavor, the Strawberry Chat Bunta was the right mix of sweet and spice.

As for Adam's Apple, found it to be an overload of sweetness, owing to the concentrate that they utilize in preparing the drink, while Coco Loco was a hands-down favorite.

Their Greek Salad had a bit too much of lettuce I felt.

Moving on to the Starters, both the Chicken and Fish Tikka dishes were tastefully done and were soft and succulent, while the Paneer Tikka was good. The fried balls with Biryani stuffed in them, I'm unable to recall the name, made for a unique presentation and taste as well.

For the Main Course, went ahead with the tried and tested Dal Makhni, Kadhai Paneer and Murgh Makhni, accompanied by nicely done breads. The consistency of all the three gravies is what stole the show.

Tried their Pizzas too - Peri Peri and Paneer Tikka - the presentation of Paneer Tikka Pizza is what I found to be unique and good, while Peri Peri Pizza stood true to its name and imparted unprecedented spice to the preparation.

Also tasted their Murgh Biryani which came in a classic Handi accompanied by Salad, Raita and Poppadom.

Topped up the elaborate meal with their classic Fudge Brownie with Chocolate Sauce and Vanilla ice cream scoops. As always, it was a cherry on a delicious cake.

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