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#NamahDiaries: A Rejuvenation Straight From The Heart

A luxurious getaway nestled in the lap of nature.
Could one ask for more?

Such a question does not arise when one is a mountain person. It does not, for me at least.
I'm a believer of the fact that opportunity never knocks twice, and so I was quick enough to seize it the moment it came to me.

Led by the premise of International Yoga Day, I had been invited over by the gracious folks at Namah, for #TheRoyalRejuvenation. It has been a month to the day I returned home, yet the heart longs to go back to relive the entirety of the experience.

The weekend of 19-22 June 2016 was attributed to a relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating getaway to Namah Resort, Uttarakhand.

Must I admit that it was a wise decision to agree to be a part of the 'Blogger's Contingent' as it gifted me memories that would last a lifetime. Add to it the scenic landscapes which were a visual treat. :)

After a seven-hour long journey that included a stopover for lunch at Bikanervala, on the highway and encompassed the areas of Hapur, Gajraula and Amroha to name a few, with scenic views of Ramganga and Garhmukhteshwar, we had reached the expanse of Corbett, with Namah Resort being our calling.

The Caravan had begun on the way itself, with the lush green expanse of the countryside, so to say but it was the musical welcome upon entering the premises of Namah, that set the tone for a weekend brimming with good times.

The Tilak from a Thal comprising of a Dia and the invigorating scent of Champa flowers, lent a traditional feel.

Admiring a gorgeous lotus pond and witnessing the plentiful boughs of Mango trees made all the tiredness vanish from the body, transcending the sense of space and time, to teleport me to my summer vacations at my grandparents' as a child and the times of गुठली-गुलेल. :)

An amazing fact that was revealed to us was regarding the Welcome Drink served to all guests at Namah. While most of us were guessing it to be a spin-off on Strawberries or Roohafza, it turned out that it had been prepared using Rhododendron! (which is also interestingly, the state tree of Uttarakhand)

Each element at Namah is an experience in itself. The vast expanse of the aesthetically developed and maintained Resort has given way to the in-house carts that are meant for ferrying guests all over the property. Such is the paradox of being vast, yet concise, appreciating the beauty of whatever one is able to witness first hand.

Needless to say, their Premium Room was a delight to stay in!

Have a look for yourselves and experience some envy... :)

Apart from 16 Premium Rooms, Namah also boasts of 28 Superior Rooms and 4 Suites.

Our first evening at Namah concluded with another elegant performance by artists in true-blue Kumaoni folk form. Have a look at the Garwhali dancers for yourselves:

Good thing was, we bloggers too, were invited to try our amateur selves at the traditional dance form in the midst of glistening moonlight from a serene full moon and a gentle breeze.

The Resplendent Full Moon Welcomes! :)


The next morning was to begin on an early note with the warm, bright sun emerging from amid the mighty mountains of Sitabani and the trickling waters of River Kosi in sight.

On the eve of International Yoga Day, all of us gathered by the poolside and were acquainted with the ancient practice of Kunjal Kriya and Jala Neti, meant to cleanse our systems, followed by lukewarm honey, ginger and lemon infused water.

What came next was an invigorating hour long session of Yoga - conjunction of the mind and body - as detailed by our instructor, Mr. Tarun, at Namah's banquet - Kosi (partitioned into Halls 1 & 2).

The breakfast spread at Pratha seemed all the more welcoming once we were done with the Yoga session for the day! :)

One of the many elements of the Buffet Spread. 

Besides some social media frenzies for Likes and Re-tweets with an ongoing poolside activity in the afternoon, there was also scheduled, a talk by renowned naturalist, Mr. Imran Khan on the fauna of Corbett at Namah's amphitheater in the evening, post Hi-Tea.

Mr. Khan was there to brief us about the importance of tigers in the ecosystem, whilst also informing us that if one comes to Corbett solely for the sake of Tigers, it would be a disrespect to the other unique fauna inhabiting the forest.

The Amphitheater visible from a distance. 

He also quoted Vidura from Mahabharata:

Don’t destroy the forest, don’t kill the tiger. 
You cannot have forest without tigers, nor tigers without forest. 
The forest protects the tigers, the tigers the forest. 

We decided to call it a day by wrapping up the session with a glass of fresh sugarcane juice, but I guess more was yet to come, in the form of a #MondayMojito Twitter Quiz Contest focusing on 'Namah Trivia' hosted by Namah post dinner, wherein Yours Truly won a Mojito delivered at her doorstep! :)


Next morning, dawned International Yoga Day. Besides Yoga, however, we also had a 'QR Code' Treasure Hunt, which led us to tour the beautiful property in a way. 

Next came the most awaited Jungle Safari scheduled for the day, which came along with its share of an open-roof Safari Jeep. 

The surprise element in the Safari was the Sitabani Temple, located in the dense forest, which stands true to the stance of archaeological elegance to date. 

Must I also mention before I close this account, Namah also boasts of a wonderful spa, Tatva, a gym, and a recreation center, which is entirely different from the Play Area, complete with swings, as visible from my Room, so be sure to avail all these facilities when you pay a visit to Namah for your rendition of #TheRoyalRejuvenation! :)

For now, all I want is to while the evening away, shunning all the stress, paving way for another Weekend Getaway. What say, Namah? :)

All in all, Namah Resort played a wonderful host to us bloggers on the occasion of International Yoga Day, with #TheRoyalRejuvenation. 

More on the scenic beauty that Corbett Landscape is (witnessed during Jungle Safari) and the decadent food at Pratha, in my subsequent posts of #NamahDiaries. Head here to read more about it.

Wrapping up with the last sunset witnessed at Namah and #TheRoyalRejuvenation. 


P.S.: I had been invited by Namah in order to chronicle this experience for my readers. The opinion is mine, by all means. The images are attributed to the Blog and bear its copyright, unless stated otherwise, not to be misused in any manner whatsoever. 

Namah is a venture by DS Group, into the world of hospitality, apart from its sister, The Manu Maharani, situated in Nainital.

In case you wish to visit Namah like I did, you can reach out to them by the following means: 

Namah, Jim Corbett National Park, 
Dhikuli, Ramnagar, 
Nainital District, Uttarakhand


Until then, a humble Namah from the hills and beyond! :)

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