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#NamahDiaries: Of Jungle Trails & Archaeological Grandeur

This is the last of a three-part series titled #NamahDiaries, elucidating my experiences at a FAM Trip to Namah Resort, Uttarakhand.

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There's an adage - 'When in Rome, live as the Romans do; when elsewhere, live as they live elsewhere.' It is therefore a matter of instinct that when one is in Corbett, it is but customary to visit the Corbett Landscape for oneself.

However, the escapades with nature had begun within the premises of Namah itself. Picture for instance, the elephants that roam around with tourists on the road that Namah is situated on (witnessed while arriving at the Resort) or the monkeys that welcomed us into the premises and ran across the passage or the Cat and Mynah sitting on the table and window sill (captured from my room, upstairs) or the mighty little beetle on a bonsai (found in abundance all over the Resort).

The most awaited element of this FAM had to be the Jungle Safari, taking us into the Corbett Landscape visible from the vast expanse of the Resort.

Mind you, that the dense forest expanse is different from and barely touched by the open-roof Safari Jeeps that venture on the Landscape's trail.

The thrill of standing in that open-roof Jeep with the windy breeze complementing mild showers of rain is indescribable.

After a dramatic entry into the Landscape by trudging over rocks and dynamic streams of the river, Kosi, we came face to face with the mighty mountains overpowered by a covering of clouds.

Though we were not able spot any tigers, or for that matter, any other wildlife, except for a few Spotted Deer, seen from afar, on the final stretch of the drive.

Spot The Spotted Deer At A Distance! :)

The towering trees of Sagwan and Silver Oak along with sunlight peeping in through the dense canopy made for a memorable sight.

Life-size Sagwan Leaves

Silver Oak Stands Tall

Also, huge ant-hills were aplenty throughout the motorable stretch.

The only consolation to the no-show of fauna was the visit to the Sitabani Temple (or Sitavani Temple - literally Sita's Forest) located inside the dense forest.

Folklore has it that this site was the birth place of twin Princes, Luv and Kush, The temple itself is not visible where the Jeep stops. It appears in sight after one descends a flight of stairs.

The temple is identified by the ASI and is a revered place.

An element of surprise inside the premises were the presence of three cold water springs that sprout from what appears to be an animal's snout.

Two of the three natural springs. :)

The figurines and carvings are ancient and invoke curiosity as to why this site is not as known as Ayodhya, which is Lord Ram's birthplace?

I wish we could have stayed a little bit longer at the Temple, admiring the calm of the forest, but we had to return just in time for our farewell at Namah, as we had to mark our return to Delhi next morning.

Pic Credits to fellow blogger - Vikramjit Rooprai

I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend getaway at Namah. In the sweltering heat of June, the mountain chill and pleasant views provided a respite throughout the journey.

The vibe of being welcomed and being pampered at the Resort, also lent this FAM, a memorable outlook.

Looking forward to return to the hospitality of Namah, soon enough. :)


P.S.: I had been invited by Namah in order to chronicle this experience for my readers. The opinion is mine, by all means. The images are attributed to the Blog and bear its copyright, unless stated otherwise, not to be misused in any manner whatsoever.

Namah is a venture by DS Group, into the world of hospitality, apart from its sister, The Manu Maharani, situated in Nainital.

In case you wish to visit Namah like I did, you can reach out to them by the following means:

Namah, Jim Corbett National Park,
Dhikuli, Ramnagar,
Nainital District, Uttarakhand



  1. Those landscapes are simply gorgeous, seems like a time well spent!

    1. Surely, Alok.
      Hope your time was also spent well reading this chronicle.


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