Saturday, 25 June 2016

When Panasonic Made Me Have #FunWithFood

An experience with Zero-Oil Cooking and some #FunWithFood

Friday, June 24

Panasonic, Gurgaon

Who can possibly refuse an invite which proclaims to innovate in food and incorporate technology in a way that revolutionizes cooking from one of leaders in the electronics space? Thus, I found myself at the Panasonic office, situated in the premises of the Ambience Island, just yesterday.

We were made to proceed to the जल Room - the office had this nomenclature of the five elements - जल, वायु, पृथ्वी, अग्नि, आकाश.

After being introduced to the ideology behind Panasonic Cooking by the means of a couple of standees, the session begun with Ms. Anushka Guha, Product Manager (Microwave), Panasonic India tracing the origin and foothold of the firm over the global landscape, as well as its market share throughout.


The prevalent ideology over the years has been about everyone preferring wholesome eating without compromising on taste, but the key to healthy eating is low calorie and low cholesterol foods. Additionally, to combat some of today’s most hazardous lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes, stress, heart problems and high blood pressure, it becomes even more imperative to adopt healthy cooking solutions which allow for cooking, baking and grilling ‘oil free’ food.

Panasonic’s Zero Oil technology has come about as a result of extensive research and experimentation in Japan on popular Indian & International recipes, to develop dishes that are easy to make and delight the palate, as pointed out by Mr. Shigeto Yuasa, COO, Panasonic India. Zero Oil technology in Panasonic Microwave Ovens breaks the common hearsay - oil free cooking means boiled and bland food. Mr. Gaurav Minocha, Business Head (Home Appliances), Panasonic India was also present at the session.

Zero Oil cooking is then believed to be every health conscious household's quick-fix to guilt free meals.

The Auto Zero Oil Recipe menu offered in Panasonic Microwave ovens includes recipes like Creamy Pasta with Spinach, टोकरी चाट, Grilled Mushrooms, तंदूरी गोभी, हरयाली कबाब, Roasted Chicken Legs, Paneer Cutlets, Cottage Cheese and Celery Canapes, Tamarind Date Dip, Tomato Dip, आम पन्ना and many more.


Two of the Microwave Ovens and their internal machinery were put up for display helping us to visualize for ourselves, the various features elucidated verbally, namely

  • Dual Heating power, 
  • Duct Technology, 
  • Vapor Clean, 
  • Vertical Rotisserie,  
  • Ceramic turntable 

  • Panasonic India COO, Mr. Shigeto Yuasa was quick to remark: 

    "Basic concept of our cooking range is to  enrich cooking experience & make it healthier & smarter" 

    Mr. Gaurav Minocha, Business Head (Home Appliances), Panasonic India had also quipped at one point during the session: 

    "Our product won't keep your cake's core uncooked"

    The Zero Oil Range Of Models was shown while some other utilities being provided by the new product. 


    A descriptive comparison was also drawn between Zero Oil and Slim Fry or Diet Fry Techniques and LG models in a similar category to the newly launched product's. Priced at a nifty ₹10,000, this one is a deal to aim for. 


    As a befitting conclusion to the session, many of the delicacies prepared by Chef Singh were presented to the audience for sampling. All of them were sumptuous to say the least, as a considerable amount of pre-prep had gone into presenting those to us.



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