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#NamahDiaries: Glorifying A 'Pratha'...

Very recently, I had blogged about my FAM Trip to Namah Resort, Uttarakhand, being the first of a three-part series, aptly titled #NamahDiaries.

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One of the most impressive elements of Namah apart from the sheer expanse of the property, a pool of facilities and scenic views that make you soak in the laid back feel of a perfect weekend getaway, is their Pratha.

Well, I am not exactly referring to the Pratha of zealous and courteous service, that is rendered to their guests, resulting in a pleasant vacation or work-oriented getaway, away from home. I am taking the notch a bit further, by referring to their Pratha, that serves gastronomical delights up its sleeve.

If you haven't got it already, Namah Resort is home to an in-house restaurant, named Pratha, and an in-house bar, named Boond.

The entire vibe of the restaurant is what had appealed to me in the first go. The ambiance at Pratha is what takes the cake, apart from the life-size cake that is offered as dessert too. :)

Where else would you find spacious seating, a sea of variety being at your disposal, live cooking, artistic presentation of various food items and encouragement of talented artistes, all under the same roof?

The first evening at Pratha had concluded with sumptuous dinner, but before that we also had some delicious आलू टिक्की and गोलगप्पा to relish at the live counter, just outside the restaurant.

#WhatsOnMyPlate was on my mind with the plethora of dishes from various cuisines, be it Indian, Oriental, or Italian at my disposal to suit my palate.

Of course, some decadent desserts had to follow before bloggers retired for the night.

Must I admit that the service from stewards is as prompt as it is spot-on. Despite being a full-house during my stay here, the staff at Pratha was at the helm of their accuracy and efficiency.

All levels of hygiene are also maintained by the staff at Pratha at all times, that I had observed, and these minute pointers, if taken care of, go a long way.

You can also enjoy some delicious street food items of the likes of पाव भाजी, Fry-Vegetables or पापड़ी-चाट for instance, at the live cooking counter alongside the Buffet spread during dinner.

Another point to note is that there always plays, some soothing music in the background in mornings and afternoons, while there is a talented singer, who renders his voice to an array of melodies - be it the classics or the new beats - during night, i.e. bringing forth, some live music for you to hum along to, or to even request songs, as you appreciate a good meal that marks the end of the day.

At Pratha, I also admire the fact that presentation of dishes is as valued as their taste. For, even though it was not explicitly specified, yet it was taken care of, that dishes are segregated into sections according to cuisine.

During Breakfast one can relish a host of nutritious delicacies of the likes of fresh cut fruits, sprouts, cornflakes (corn, chocolate or oats), fresh juices or milkshakes, the entirety of South Indian Cuisine (Idli, Sambhar, Vada, Upma, Uttapam, Dosa - on order), omelettes - made to order, baked beans, chicken salami, bacon, or even छोले-भठूरे on one hand, and muffins and donuts for the ones with a sweet tooth, early in the morning.

Such a filling spread made the body shun all the tiredness and replenish its energies for the day to come.

During Lunch and Dinner, similarly, there were an array of delicious offerings from global cuisines - be it Indian, Italian, Oriental, Asian or Continental - to cater to both meal preferences - be it Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian.

Hi-Tea was suitably arranged for, with snacks and hot beverages at our disposal.

The decor is also what scores with me, as far as Pratha is concerned. Their scalloped arch frames overlook the mighty Sitabani hills, the serene River Kosi and lush green landscape, allowing for both indoor and outdoor seating.

While the front entrance to Pratha is from the green lawns adjoining the Pool, the rear opens out into the Open Air Amphitheater. (where our session on the fauna of Corbett, was incidentally held too, being wrapped with a glass full of freshly prepared, refreshing Sugarcane Juice).

Pratha also serves as an entrance itself, to the Recreation center upstairs, which plays host to an array of fun and games.

The bar, Boond is also situated adjacent to Pratha.

Namah believes in following this Pratha and keeping the Indian tradition of serving wholesome food alive, for generations to come.


P.S.: I had been invited by Namah in order to chronicle this experience for my readers. The opinion is mine, by all means. The images are attributed to the Blog and bear its copyright, unless stated otherwise, not to be misused in any manner whatsoever.

Namah is a venture by DS Group, into the world of hospitality, apart from its sister, The Manu Maharani, situated in Nainital.

In case you wish to visit Namah like I did, you can reach out to them by the following means:

Namah, Jim Corbett National Park,
Dhikuli, Ramnagar,
Nainital District, Uttarakhand


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