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Premium Care Pampers Your Child...


Launch of Pampers Premium Care Pants, in association with BlogAdda.


Tuesday, September 22.


Vivanta By Taj, New Delhi.

The bygone Tuesday afternoon was set to be all happy, bubbly and cheerful thanks to joyful babies welcoming Parent Bloggers to the #SoftestForBabySkin event.

Well, who could possibly deny being present to witness such a cute setup for themselves?

Probably none. Not me atleast. That's why you would have found me attending the launch that day and are now busy reading about the same here. :)

I keep highlighting my punctual self every now and then, because you see even Team BlogAdda cannot refrain themselves from praising the punctuality which I abide by.

They tweeted to me, this picture, saying:

"These beautiful ladies have already arrived for @pampersindia meet #SoftestForBabySkin meet @VivantabyTaj"


It was not long before we welcomed the ladies who led the discussion for the afternoon. 

Stepping up on the dais to focus our attention to the '5 Star Skin Protection' being provided by Pampers' latest offering were: 

  • Actress & Celebrity Mum, Tara Sharma 
  • Child Sleep Specialist, Ajita Gopal Seethepalli 
  • Pampers R&D Expert - Europe, Middle East, Africa - Dr. Wei Sing Long 
  • Actress & TV Presenter, Mandira Bedi 

Being keen and curious Mommy Bloggers in a majority in the house, we were led on to the hands-on demonstrations to witness the genuineness of Pampers Care. 

Ajita shared her view on the importance of a good diaper as thus:

“The importance of a good diaper (in terms of softness, dryness and fit) should not be underestimated. Babies have to be physically interacting with their environment in order to learn and understand it. Diapering baby in soft and dry pants like Pampers Premium Care can be a great way to help enable undistracted exploration, giving him the giggling feeling of freedom you both love.”

Tara and Mandira, both being devoted mums to their kids, shared anecdotes from their learning experiences as mothers. 

Dr. Long highlighted the five-star Skin Protection factors which lent uniqueness to Premium Care Pants. 

The five-star Skin Protection being emphasised was: 

  • All Around Fit
  • All Around Softness with waistband and cuffs, for a comfortable, snug fit, minimizing leakage
  • Breathable Materials, specially chosen with delicate little bottoms in mind 
  • Up To 12 Hours Of Dryness - Pampers core quickly absorbs helping keep wetness away from the skin to help skin protection
  • Baby Lotion, to help protect the baby’s precious skin
In addition to these, Pampers Premium Care Pants also possess a Wetness Indicator that turns from yellow to blue when in contact with the fluid to help parents know when it might be time to change. 

Tara was quick to demonstrate the Baby Lotion which protected the delicate baby bottom, keeping it rash and irritation-free.

The blue patches indicated the areas which would develop a rash owing to the fact that the lotion was absent in those localities.

Dr. Long demonstrated the Gel-Lock Technology being put to the test in Pampers' newest product and left all us Mommy Bloggers amazed too. 

The last feature to be demonstrated was that of the provision for easy and hassle-free disposal. 


Before wrapping up with my attendance at the lovely event, I made sure to step on to the dais too. With those chubby babies of course! 

And, I ended up being filmed, speaking succinctly, of my experience with #SoftestForBabySkin too. 


Not to forget also, the indulgent Goodie Bag offered to me by RewardMe and P&G and the all-smiles snaps with the members of the Panel, as a cherry on the cake. :) 


All's well that ends well, but this isn't the end. Read my review of the Pampers Premium Care Pants presented to me here. :) 


This blog post is written for the Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin activity in association with BlogAdda

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