Saturday, 22 August 2015

Towards A Clean WASH With TERI

India is a CONTINENT in itself. Where else would you find such a blend, such a fine amalgamation of cultures? India as a geographical entity on the World Map is unique, in relation to the fact that we have such varied climates, terrains, weather patterns and agricultural cycles all over the country. Unity In Diversity achieves its epitome in India. Not overlooking the fact that each region requires its own requisite amount of resources, to utilize and achieve sustainable living, each region is as distinctive as it is analogous.

Such a precious resource, which has established its commonality to the entire universe, is WATER. The fluid which harbors all known forms of life on the face of this planet, be it as a habitat or as an essential component in the composition of our physical bodies, is often the most misused, the most abused resource of all.

It is disappointing to come to terms with the fact that a majority of India's population are unable to procure access to hygienic potable water, which steers clear of impurities. On the contrary, some of our own are deprived of the basic right to sanitation, and a healthy lifestyle. It is a pity that the absence of the most basic necessity of a dignified means to rid oneself of bodily wastes in most rural Indian households goes unnoticed. This grave mistake in turn, ups their vulnerability to life-threatening diseases.

It is our individual responsibility as an informed citizen of our nation to familiarize ourselves with the importance of a hygienic lifestyle on the outlook and uphold it in its entirety.

With this noble motive in mind, TERI University and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in association with Coca-Cola India and The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) have launched the "Strengthening Water and Sanitation in Urban Settings" initiative in Kolkata.

The WASH programmes (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) aim to reach 50,000 beneficiaries in low-income settlements and over 300 professionals through WASH governance studies. It will also reach out to 2,500 students through 20 municipal schools across India.

Each drop contributes to the formation of an ocean.
The same holds true for an informed nation. :)

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