Saturday, 22 August 2015

A Trip Down CaratLane...


The Launch Of #CaratLaneVirtualTryOn, by one of India's leading e-commerce site, CaratLane.


Thursday, August 20.


The Park Hotel, New Delhi.

Yesterday evening was set to be made more exquisite, thanks to my most preferred e-commerce site to shop for modern pieces of jewelry.

The star of the evening, hogging the limelight, was #CaratLaneVirtualTryOn. The pioneer retailer of precious jewelry and gems in the online space was now ready to venture into the App-savvy world with their CaratLane App.

In conjunction with their core mission to Democratize Jewelry, CaratLane has incorporated cutting-edge facial recognition into their latest offering.

I would have forever been skeptical about buying precious jewelry over the flashy screen had it not been for CaratLane.

Thanks to them for being the first to introduce an array of reliable services in the gems and jewelry market, of the likes of:

  • Try At Home
  • Same Day Delivery 
  • Open Displays In-Store

Being the brainchild of Mithun Sacheti who comes from a similar background of Jaipur Gems, CaratLane has been receptive to the creation of a hassle-free browsing experience.

The annoying fact that jewelry stores are always guarded to the helm, with all exquisite creations being locked up in glass cases has been countered by them with a subtle statement:

"Why can't I browse through jewelry just like I browse through clothes or footwear?" 

"We don't keep our jewelry locked up in glass cases. We keep them in open displays so that you can pick up, try on and play with our jewelry." 


What particularly impresses me is CaratLane's Design Philosophy:

Thoughtful Designs, 
Inspired By Art 

Revitalizing Heritage,  
Innovation At <3 


CaratLane had begun by focussing on two segments when they had started out new. 

Those were: 

  • Solitaires. 
  • Jewelry At Everyday Price Point. 

They are now on the outlook to venture into the Evening Wear segment, by focusing on Contemporary Designs, after having rolled out numerous iconic collections of the likes of Showstoppers, Paisley, Eterna, Nizam, and Fleur. 

Showcased here are the Trellis and soon-to-be-launched Lotus collections, which had been exhibited at the Experience Zone. 


With the realization that opportunities are increasing, lifestyles are changing, and fashion is evolving also comes the hard-hitting fact that a business builds on the foundation of Trust. 

To answer the perpetually engrossing question posed to all e-commerce websites: 

"How does this LOOK on ME?" 

CaratLane has launched #CaratLaneVirtualTryOn to aid customers to discover the perfect piece of jewelry according to their taste and requirements. Taking their service one step ahead, CaratLane has also provided the facility to create and share an entire Look Book of sorts. :) 

The closing of the event was constituted of a rapid-fire QnA which was aced by Mithun, Atul and Guru and an exclusive Blogger's Photo Session. 

In my honest opinion, CaratLane has been able to perfectly gauge the preferences of the Indian woman today, thereby being able to meet the aesthetic need for modern and contemporary pieces of jewelry. 

CaratLane has my vote on #CaratLaneVirtualTryOn. :) 


P.S.: All collages have been specifically created to put together this blog post, by Yours Truly. :) 

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