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I #WearToExpress My Freedom To Fashion!


रोटी, कपडा, मकान 

Is Now... 






Freedom! :) 

The foundation of Freedom lies in the three most basic necessities of life - the 3Fs of Fashion, Food, and Family. 

The support of a Family in testing times, good Food to satiate your appetite, and the confidence to sport your own sense of Fashion, are like the x, y and z-coordinate to a spatial existence. 

With the Indian Independence Day having just gone by, it is important that we realize the essence of being free - free in all respects - be it physically, emotionally, psychologically et al. 

After all, the secret of Happiness is Freedom. And, the secret of Freedom is Courage. 

The courage to take the boldest of decisions in the hardest of circumstances. 


Even if that bold decision is that of a rip-me-apart choice from an array of looks in your wardrobe and that circumstance is a have-to-attend occasion! :D 

I swear by the multitude of experiences which have bettered my decision-making skills year by year. 

Categorically speaking for the the domain of style, my fashion sense has seen the era of monochrome as a two-teethed kid, the vibrancy of Retro as a teenager in a nation which is obsessed with cinematic trends and the evolution of a perception as an entire era in itself. 

Yes, that's me with my elder brother, in the days of monochrome. :) 

The hues of black and white overshadowed the essence of being dolled up, as it hardly mattered to that generation, in those times. 

With  the advent of color however, our sense of creating our own wardrobes was endowed a new vision altogether. 

Be it men or women, we learnt of complementary colors, of contrasting hues, and of accessories which 'went well' with our outfits. 

A sense of self-consciousness ensured an outlook towards how the people in society viewed us and opined on our so-called 'dressing sense'. 


They say, wear your heart on your sleeve. I am of the opinion that our choice of outfit and all that complements it defines our personality. It is like showcasing your individuality for that world out there to see. 

I believe in setting my own trends, and not blindly following the 'in-thing'. I am proud of the fact that I do so, for it lends a certain iota of uniqueness to my character. 

Suiting my decisions to the situations at times, coordinating my situations with my decisions at others, is what sets me apart! ;) 


Of course, you wouldn't want to be a misfit, by only dressing to kill. You must also dress on point. For you wouldn't want to be bombarded with both criticism and embarrassment at once, would you? 

It is essential to realize the need to maintain a balance between the art of blending in, whilst standing out. For, society is intimidated by a wolf among the  herd of sheep. 

Either be there in your sheep skin or prepare to be ousted by the oppression of the crowd! ;) 

It doesn't suffice if you completely blend in. Not if you completely stand out, either. :) 


Contemplating on the question of how Fashion sets me Free: 

Embracing the perception of fashion comes with the realization of self-appreciation

For me, over and above the fact my sense of fashion is unique to me is the fact that my body is unique to me too. 

For all young ladies out there, my motto is only one - Shed all your bodily apprehensions and let the breeze feel your soul. :) 

Had it not been for the societal apprehensions and the distorted perceptions of 'beauty', our world would have been a much more inclusion-friendly world to inhabit. 

Who tells you how to differentiate between fair and ugly, slim and voluptuous, and all such distinctive terms? 

None but yourself and your impression of societal norms. :) 


As far as my Look-Book is concerned, I have an array of outfits spanning over three decades! :) 

Have a look for yourself, and you'll see me transform from a bachelorette to a married lady to a blessed mother, with the transformation adopting the stylish way. 

Note also, my modern avatar towards the recent times, thanks to a thought process makeover by my daughter who urged me to go the free-spirited way. :) 

Six subtle looks from the venerable archives,
The humble सलवार-कमीज़ has been a suitable companion. 

Be it as a means of daily-wear outfits,
Or as a silken embellishment in tandem. 

My most loyal counterpart to holidaying, 
As comfortable as this dress can be! 

Each variation in styling,  
Gives a different look, 

Wear the दुपट्टा over one shoulder or both,
You'll look elegant in any which way, for sure! :) 


#WearToExpress! :D 


The epitome of elegance, grace, class and style, 
Those six yards of a single piece of cloth, 

With a sea of adaptations in draping to its credit, 
These are your five-minute-fix to sophistication. 

Be it Chiffon, Georgette, Silk, or Chanderi, 
You'll never run out of options, 

Suiting every circumstance, every situation, 
It fits well on each and every occasion. 

The chic साड़ी always comes to the rescue, 
For a lasting first impression! :) 


#WearToExpress! :D 


The sense of fashion goes for a whirlwind all together,
When you see a sea-change in perception. 

Travelling so far and wide on the trendy route, 
Your wardrobe takes a turn and gifts you a makeover! 

A convenient dressing style, 
For when there's paucity of time. 

Accessorizing takes priority too, 
Be it jewelry or handbags. 

A complete look is what GenX emphasizes on, 
Some attempts to match up too! :) 


#WearToExpress! :D 


While a complete look has been accentuated over all these years, I've also unintentionally been one with the many elements of nature, more often than not. 

Have a look. :) 

At all these occasions, I have enjoyed the sweetness of doing nothing. 

Yes, I did nothing. Yet, I was able to color-coordinate the hues which I had donned, to frame picture perfect moments. 

Be it the snow laden Christmas tree, which matched my Snow-white cardigan, or the wheatish haystacks which matched my orange hues. 

Be it the pinkish Bougainvillea which complemented my reddish chrome, or the topaz-turquoise shade of the sea and sky which accessorize my cool blue tone! 

Awesome, ain't they? :) 

It is in 'Dolce Far Niente' and its pleasant idleness that I discovered the myriad hued me. 


As I close this post, I would like to mark a tribute to the erstwhile Independence Day, by amalgamating Jabong's Creative with three of my twenty looks showcased here. 


This post has been written for a Blogging Contest hosted by Jabong. (http://www.Jabong.com/) 

Wear your independence on your sleeve, and leave your mark at Jabong.com! :) 

Flaunt Your Freedom With Your Fashion! 

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