Thursday, 20 August 2015

#Airtel4G Enlivens My New Business!

Remember when I had taken the #Airtel4GSpeedTest?

4G is the demand of time. Everyone needs speed. Everyone wants to do more in lesser time. Everyone is hungry for efficiency and accuracy - that too on the move. Gone are the times when you used to sit in the office on a seat every day, seven days a week. Businesses demand results – be it reaching a new location to meet a client, or be it an approval on a workflow on the business app on the device. Most the time, so far, we were facing speed crunch for all such activities. But now, our wait is over and an ultimate solution has arrived.

Most of the businesses have now understood the power of social media and that is why the social media platforms are no more merely for fun-related activities. There are tremendous business-related activities, being taken seriously, which are happening across the globe on the social media platforms over the internet.

These are not possible if you are working on any number before ‘G’ less than 4. #Airtel4G from Airtel is there to serve you (and of course, me too!) for the new start-up business venture that I have launched recently. I am all for it – the 4G service. I am very clearly and distinctly convinced that the throughput of 4G connection is definitely higher, but then I am smart enough to calculate my business results. That is where I know that the results that I can achieve with 4G were not possible earlier.

My outreach is extended now - even to the areas where I was not able to penetrate my online portal. The mobility of my business is now live in a real win-win situation where my employees will be able to drive results on the move or wherever they are.

My business focuses on becoming the leading online portal for the newest trends in technology, business, fashion, lifestyle, family, parenting, travel, food and more. My backend team needs to finish a lot of video uploads in real-time or offline. Earlier it was painful, but now it is happening at lightning fast speed. On the other hand, I am also aware that the performance of my portal will be able to achieve its optimum best at the customer/consumer/user-end only when they are also on 4G.

My portal's subscriptions have increased substantially since the day I employed 4G for all my official devices. Each employee is carrying a portable device on 4G. The news items on my portal have reached a new height. We are now quicker to launch fresh stories, faster than our competitors. We also promote 4G for our subscribers so that they also taste the fresh wave in the transmission era. My employees’ productivity has seen an upward trend and has shown tremendous potential, and so has the performance of my business. Thanks to 4G for providing the speed we were striving for.

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