Monday, 10 August 2015

#ColgateMagicalStories, Of Royalty And Cavities!

We must never cease to be a kid.

Neither being a kid to our parents nor being a parent to our kids.

It is the essence of innocence, which is overlooked, rather overpowered by the onset of 'maturity' in an individual's life.

What is maturity?

The first answer to that question, which springs up as a reflex action, is the mention of the phenomenon of adolescence.

Well, of course, it is the bodily changes which divert our attention the most, but let us save that discussion for another day.


What I would like to your attention to, is the emotional aspect today. 

By the time you learn the rules, you are too old to the game!'

It is in learning the tricks of the play, that we also adapt to the prevalent vice of shrewdness. Those children who took life by its as-is-what-is basis, gradually take to manipulating people, places and situations. More often than not, this is what tags along with the phase of adulthood. 


Occasionally, one must let loose, and embody a free-spirited personality. For, it brings nostalgic moments to the fore. 

The child-like resemblance is most blissful, for it brings the inner child within each of us to the surface. 

It is this child-like emotion which prompted my daughter to prompt and persuade me to participate in the #ColgateMagicalStories campaign, crafted by the wonderful Team at Colgate India. 

Its concept brought back for us, moments of togetherness as mother-daughter, when in the days of yore, we used to explore and exploit the abilities of my child to her fullest! 

That glue, glitter, scissors,
Those glossy glaze papers... 

Working towards a common goal,
Making something new, learning as a whole!

Creativity found expression,
The best means of inspiration...

Teamwork brought to the finish,
Fun was integral to success! 


The heart yearned to revisit the abyss of memory and to refreshen the gray cells. 

After all, you remain a kid in your parents' eyes always!

That one thought in the spur of the moment was enough to get things going.


We visited the departmental store and claimed our Magical Castle Sets - three of them. 

As far as spinning a story is concerned, my daughter is a pro. :D 

Where else do you think, the excuses to avoid lending me a helping hand at home, emerge from? 


Charu is a 20-year-old now. 

Yet, she is a kid! 

Good for us all... 

Otherwise, how would you have possibly got an opportunity to witness #ColgateMagicalStories, of Royalty and Cavities? 

Does the title pique your curiosity enough to press 'Play'? 

Please do. 

Both the effort having gone into the making of video and the inner child in your own self, beckon! :) 

It's not as long as you might presume it to be,
Just an 87 seconds long video for thee! :)


#ColgateMagicalStories, Of Royalty And Cavities!

Cut Open The Pack And Play, 
His Majesty Awaits You, Hey! 

Peek-A-Boo Inside  A World Magical,  
To Explore Their World, Beautiful! 

The First Key To Adventure, 
Set 1: Castle Is A Magnificent Treasure! 

Pleasantries To Royalty's Guest, 
Together On An Exciting Quest! 

Set 3: Dragon & Tower Introduce Suspense,
Cutting And Pasting Make Some Sense! 

A Witch Attacks With Cavities, 
The Castle Is No Longer Secure!

Taking The Princess Hostage, 
A War Must Then Wage! 

A Helpless Throne Summons Its Army,
For The Bravest Soldier To Embark! 

A Dragon Must Be Slayed, 
The Army Of Cavities Be Fought! 

To Return To Colgate Castle's Safety, 
Which Shields Royalty, With Calci-Lock! 

All For The Charming Princess, 
Who Resides In The Knight's Heart! 


And, while you are here, you must also witness how Colgate, as a brand is encouraging the 'Power Of Constructive Parenting' 

I found the advert to be captivating, interesting and intriguing at the same time. Little children would surely be amazed at how such pleasant surprises are sealed in a pack of toothpaste and sent to them to explore, to their heart's content! :) 

We re-lived those times of nostalgia, thanks to #ColgateMagicalStories. Would you want to do the same with your child too? 

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